Arianna Meloni, what she does, private life and how much Giorgia's sister earns

Who is Arianna, the woman who ended up at the center of various controversies, in particular for her appointment as head of the political secretariat of Fratelli d'Italia? Her name is Arianna Meloni and she is known to most for her political connections.
In fact, Arianna is not a well-known face in politics, even though she has participated in it since she was young.
It is therefore inevitable, in telling his biography, to refer to much more well-known names on the Italian political scene, especially at this time.
As the surname makes clear, Arianna is the sister of Giorgia Meloni, the current Prime Minister.
Not only.
Her husband is the Minister of Agriculture Lollobrigida, who last year spoke out about how well the poor eat compared to the rich and shortly before had ended up at the center of the scandal for having used the term ethnic substitution.
Controversy arose over Arianna Meloni because while the "Vannacci case" distracted the citizens, Meloni's (sister) nomination took place in complete tranquility and in spite of the merit much proclaimed by the Prime Minister during the electoral campaign.
But who is Arianna Meloni, what does she do in her working and private life? Who is Arianna Meloni: biography and career Arianna Meloni was born in Rome on 26 May 1975 and is the sister of Giorgia Meloni.
Unlike her, she did not immediately embark on a political career, but participated in it while remaining decentralized from the spotlight, which instead focused on Giorgia.
Arianna said on more than one occasion that she has always supported her sister and accompanied her on the path to her current role.
After the electoral victory of the Brothers of Italy he wrote: If only they knew the anxiety you felt […] The silences and anguish, often together, to understand, reflect and look around.
I have never seen you give in to the flattery of power, never favor your personal interest over what you considered right to do for this nation Arianna describes herself as the rebel of the family, she even tries to abandon her studies to go to work, only to then take them back later.
She had always defended the autonomy of her work, that she didn't get there thanks to her relatives and then, as she herself described herself, she is the longest-serving of the temporary workers in Lazio.
read also How much does Francesco Lollobrigida earn? Salary and biography of the minister and brother-in-law of Giorgia Meloni Arianna Meloni: the connection with the minister Lollobrigida Arianna Meloni married Francesco Lollobrigida, another well-known name in Italian politics.
Grandson of Gina Lollobrigida, Francesco is the current Minister of Agriculture for the Fratelli d'Italia party, of which he has been a member of parliament since 2018.
The two got together in the early 2000s and two daughters were born from their relationship: Vittoria and Rachel.
On the education of her daughters Arianna said: I look for comparison with them.
I always try to explain how to look at things with different perspectives and without letting oneself be influenced prejudicially by mass media and social media.
Arianna Meloni's role in Fratelli d'Italia: officialization Confirmation of a new appointment in Fratelli d'Italia arrived on August 24th: Arianna Meloni is the head of the political secretariat of the party.
Specifically, his new role is that of "head of the membership department".
Giovanni Donzelli, responsible for the party's organisation, explained that Meloni had already been carrying out that job for some time and that the appointment only made the role official.
Arianna Meloni's was a real rise: from membership to manager of the membership department in a couple of months.
Now he's thinking about his candidacy for the European elections, another important role he could play.
There is no certain information on his earnings, but in the case of confirmation of other political roles, these data will have to be disclosed officially.

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