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How to buy an iPhone on a budget

Is buying an iPhone for little money really possible? This is perhaps the question that Apple customers ask themselves most often.
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Apple products have always been known for their performance and functionality, meaning that every year more and more customers decide to use products with the stylized apple brand on the back.
Unfortunately, the prices of Apple devices can hardly be economically accessible, although it is well known that the cost is proportional to the performance that the product offers.
For this reason we often look for a way to save money and still get the desired smartphone.
If you have a tight budget but need Apple products for work, it might be helpful to know some ways to save money.
Let's see how you can buy an iPhone in 2024 for little money.
read also Apple, all the news for 2024 1) Refurbished iPhone, the best way to save The best way to buy an iPhone at a low price is to aim for a "refurbished" product: but what does this mean exactly? “Refurbished” or “remanufactured” products are original brand products, in this case Apple, with aesthetic and functional conditions equal to new.
Obviously there is a difference from what you buy at full price.
These are basically iPhones that have been used but professionally inspected, tested and fixed to work and look like new.
Similarly, there are differences between a second-hand, therefore used, iPhone and a refurbished iPhone: the former has been "experienced" by the customer, the latter not necessarily.
In fact, refurbished iPhones can also be: iPhones returned by a customer who has changed his mind about the model, the color, or due to an incorrect order or following a malfunction; products used only for display purposes at fairs and exhibitions or in shops.
In fact, the mere fact that it has been turned on once prevents the trader from selling the product as new.
One of the sites where you can buy refurbished iPhones is Amazon Renewed.
By purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Amazon, you will be able to request a return or refund within one year of receipt if the product does not work as expected.
However, many may not trust it, wondering if the quality is the same as a new iPhone.
Proof that the quality of refurbished products is undoubted is the fact that Apple itself, like other large companies, offers this type of product for sale in its online stores.
2) Buy an iPhone on sale Another method to buy iPhones at a low price is when they are on sale.
This could be a good alternative to refurbished if you still want a new iPhone.
The main problem with this strategy is that Apple products are rarely found at a discount compared to all other brands of electronic products.
However, it could be a good choice if an important promotion day such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday is approaching.
3) Buying a previous iPhone model In addition to choosing a refurbished iPhone, there are other methods to save on the purchase of the smartphone.
Very often it depends on the type of model the customer wants.
In fact, if you want an iPhone but have no preferences regarding the model you want to buy, you could orient your choice towards an older model compared to the current year's releases.
In this way you can save considerably while still having a top quality product.
4) Buying an iPhone with less memory The last trick to buying an iPhone on a budget is to buy a model with a lower memory capacity, as the memory capacity has a significant impact on the price of the Apple device.
In this way you save significantly and subsequently, in case the memory is insufficient – in order not to lose the advantage of having more files – you could opt to save photos, videos and documents on iCloud.
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