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How to get free Amazon products

The opportunity to obtain high quality products without spending a cent seems almost like a mirage, but a program that could revolutionize the way you shop on Amazon exists.
Yes, you read that right, there is a way to receive free products you want directly from the world's largest e-commerce platform.
This is a legitimate program – not a scam – that allows anyone to access a variety of products without spending any money.
The only requirement from Amazon is to produce an authentic review.
The goal of the Amazone Vine program is to ensure that every review in Amazon stores is reliable and reflects real customer experiences.
For this reason, positive and negative reviews are welcomed, but fake reviews are prohibited.
read also How to work at Amazon? Amazon rules against fake reviews Amazon has developed machine learning models that analyze thousands of data points to detect risks, including fake reviews.
During 2022, thanks to this work, over 200 million suspicious reviews were blocked.
The work led to 90 lawsuits against individuals and more than 10,000 subpoenas from Facebook group administrators who attempted to post fake reviews in exchange for money or free products.
The first criminal complaint at European level was presented in Italy, again in 2022.
read also How to buy Amazon shares How to earn money with Amazon? Given Amazon's stringent policy against scam reviews, which often imply the sending of free products by producers, a new system has been designed.
In fact, there is an Amazon program that allows you not to earn money, but rather to receive products for free to review them.
It's called Amazon Vine.
The bad news is that you can neither apply nor register.
Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program and the company itself selects the most capable reviewers.
Once you have the invitation, you have the opportunity to order items for free and share your experience with the product.
read also How to work for Amazon from home How does it work and how to be selected for Amazon Vine? What is Amazon Vine? It is an “invite only” program that selects the most insightful reviewers in the Amazon store as “Vine Voices”.
“Vine Voices have the unique opportunity to order items for free and share their product experiences with Amazon customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions,” it says online.
But how does it work? Once registered on Vine, you can request products from any brand and they are shipped to your home for free.
Reviewers will then have to use the products and provide an in-depth review, but one that reflects honest and unbiased opinions (positive, neutral or negative).
Reviews of a product ordered through Vine appear in the same place as other reviews, but are distinguished by a special badge, “Vine review of a free product”.
To access this program you need to write many accurate reviews, so as to be noticed by Amazon.
In fact, customers who consistently write in-depth reviews are more likely to be invited.
It is good to know, however, that the beneficiaries of the free products are not paid.
Please note: To stay in the program, beneficiaries must write honest and unbiased reviews.

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