Roberto Salis, who Ilaria's father (detained in Hungary) is and what work he does

Ilaria Salis is detained in Hungary on charges of attempted murder and, especially in light of the conditions of detention she described, it is necessary for her father Roberto to return to Italy as soon as possible.
A year later there could be some hope in this sense, Roberto Salis mentioned it in an interview for Il Giornale, understandably without adding too many details, other than the apprehension for his daughter.
In fact the situation is very delicate and although Ilaria's case has become media coverage – and for this reason we must also thank the recent images of the hearing – the Salis family has always chosen the path of confidentiality and composure, dedicating their efforts to support of her daughter and extradition requests.
Consequently, not much is known about the personal life of Ilaria's father, which however loses importance compared to the concern for his daughter's conditions and the importance of the affair in the international balance.
A difficult position, which Roberto Salis faces with a promptness that he certainly passed on to Ilaria, despite their very different political ideas.
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He currently works as a freelance engineer, has other children in addition to Ilaria and is married.
He lives with his family in Monza, but is of Sardinian origins, as can be guessed from his historic surname.
Today he is 58 years old, he is a family man, focused on this and above all on his daughter Ilaria detained in Budapest.
The most pressing issue for the family is not so much Ilaria's alleged guilt, but rather the apparently inhuman conditions of detention.
Understandably, her father Roberto requests that she be extradited to Italy to be able to follow the trial remotely, hopefully under house arrest.
It is natural that the family has this desire, especially given that they had to wait a long time before the interview was allowed in the Hungarian prisons.
At one time, however, Roberto Salis was also a very active citizen, even receiving a complaint as part of the union bloc with Slai Cobas.
The past of Roberto Salis Roberto Salis, as told in the interview cited above, was a candidate in the 2013 regional elections with the party "Do to stop the decline" led by Oscar Giannino.
The party, born just a year earlier, was predominantly liberal and laissez-faire in inspiration, with a strong criticism of national politics.
The party then ceased activity within a few years, after the blow of Oscar Giannino's resignation due to false statements in his CV.
In any case, we understand that she has a different vision than her daughter, but the same fighting spirit.
In 2009, Roberto Salis participated in the union bloc with Slai Cobas, also losing a complaint (but nothing else).
Roberto Salis himself said that he had discussed many times with Ilaria due to their different visions, reiterating that the love that binds them easily surpasses the political debate.
The response to Salvini Roberto Salis does not often make public statements, except when he deems it necessary to defend his family, whether at a media or institutional level.
Thus, the response promptly arrived to Minister Salvini, who considers it inappropriate that Ilaria was able to continue teaching after the events of 2017.
Reference is made to an attack on two Northern League militants, for which Ilaria Salis was tried and acquitted for not having committed the crime, as specified by the woman's lawyer.
Furthermore, in the reasons for the sentence, it is also clear that Ilaria Salis would have instead contributed to preventing the continuation of the violence.
An episode on which father Roberto did not dwell, in full coherence with his words: "Salvini's exit seemed out of place to me" he wrote.
Then followed the comments – and accusations – of the opposition, while we wait for the case of Ilaria Salis to be analyzed in the appropriate forums, at least to ensure that the human rights to which the European Union calls us are respected.
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