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School competition, late announcement: postponed to 2024?

The announcement of the school competition linked to the Pnrr, expected for the month of November just ended, is late.
At this point it is legitimate to ask when the announcement of the school competition known up to now as the extraordinary ter will arrive and whether it might not risk being postponed to 2024.
At present the hypothesis that the announcement could be released directly next year, now upon us, is to be excluded, considering that the decrees with the programs have already been announced by the Ministry of Education and Merit for childhood and primary and for lower and upper secondary schools.
However, the first hypotheses are emerging about a possible date for the publication of the school competition notice.
The extraordinary school competition ter is linked to the Pnrr but will be carried out during the transitional phase in 2024 before the new teacher recruitment system becomes fully operational with the qualifying paths for common positions in secondary schools; a second call will also arrive in 2024, no longer in February but will be postponed to next autumn.
Let's see when the 2023 school competition announcement could arrive.
School competition, late announcement: expected after 8 December.
The late school competition announcement will not be postponed to 2024 and is expected immediately after 8 December.
According to the latest information on the matter anticipated by, the announcement of the school competition could arrive after the long weekend starting from Monday 10th and by 20th December, close to the Christmas holidays.
From the publication of the announcement, aspirants will have 30 days to send the application to participate in the school competition with the deadline, therefore, which should be set in January, after returning from the Christmas break.
If the announcement is not postponed to 2024, therefore, the tests which will not be held before the month of February certainly will be and this is not excluded, according to the numerous competition classes involved and the necessary computer stations (the written test will be computer based ), that we could even reach the month of March.
The extraordinary school competition ter includes: a written test which will be a test with multiple choice questions, 50 questions for common and support positions, aimed at testing the candidates' knowledge in the pedagogical, psycho-pedagogical and didactic-methodological fields, on information technology and on the English language; an oral test which will focus on the contents of the teaching discipline and a simulated lesson.
The oral test will also evaluate the ability to understand and converse in English at least at level B2.
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A school competition with the requirements foreseen by the transitional phase towards the new recruitment system should have arrived in February 2024, but has been postponed to next autumn.
The notice should be published between September and October 2024.
Another notice of the school competition, which can be accessed with the new requirements provided by the reform linked to the Pnrr, should arrive in August 2025, but it will be necessary to wait for confirmations.
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