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School Principals Competition: Preselection on May 23, 2024 – What to Bring and Schedule

Competition for School Headteachers: Important Dates and Procedures

The competition for school headteachers is set to start on May 23, 2024, with the preliminary selection phase screening candidates.
The Ministry of Education and Merit first announced the launch of the competition and then published notice n.62313 on May 2, 2024, outlining the schedule for the national preliminary test.

The official title of the competition for school headteachers in 2023 was released at the end of last year.
After five months from the submission of the application, candidates can finally face the tests for the role of principal.

A total of 587 positions are available on a regional basis, and the preliminary selection takes place if the number of candidates exceeds four times the total number of positions offered.
But what should candidates bring to the preliminary selection for the school headteachers’ competition, and what are the scheduled times? Let’s delve into the details provided in the Ministry’s announcement.

Documents and Timing for the Preliminary Selection

The Ministry of Education specifies the timing and required documents for the preliminary selection of the school headteachers’ competition in regional roles at educational institutions in the notice dated May 2.
The test will take place on May 23 nationwide, from 2:30 PM to 3:45 PM, in a single daily session.

Candidates must go to the designated exam center for identification, and the communication will be sent by the regional educational offices at least fifteen days before the test date.
Aspiring principals must check the Unified Recruitment Portal InPa and the official website of the Regional School Office for information.

On the day of the preliminary selection, May 23, candidates must arrive at their assigned center at 1:30 PM for identification procedures.
To take the test, teachers must bring:
– A valid identification document
– Tax code
– Receipt confirming the submission of the application
– Receipt confirming the payment of the administrative fee

The receipts must be presented during the identification process.
The Ministry states in the notice that failure to appear at the specified time and location, even due to unforeseeable circumstances, will result in exclusion from the selection process.

Additional Testing Phases

Similarly to the preliminary selection, the written test for the school headteachers’ competition will be held in the region where the candidate applied.
The competition consists of three phases: a preliminary test, a written test, and an oral exam.

The preliminary test lasts 75 minutes with 50 multiple-choice questions.
The written test is 180 minutes long and includes open questions on specific disciplines and structured questions assessing knowledge of the English language.
The oral exam lasts 30 minutes and covers topics from the written test, computer skills, and English language proficiency.

Candidates will receive a notification of the exam date at least fifteen days in advance for each testing phase.

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