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Public competitions to earn more money, here are the best paid jobs

When you participate in a public competition you pay attention not only to the stability of the job but also to the expected salary.
In this regard, it is interesting to ask which are the highest paid public competitions, i.e.
those which, at least in perspective, offer a better earning prospect.
Obviously, as you can imagine, these are competitions that require a high level of specialization and are usually open only to graduates (but there are some exceptions).
For those who are looking for a turning point in their career, these competitions can be the best solution to aim for a very high salary in public administration.
read also Simpler public competitions, here are the easiest ones to pass Competitions to become magistrates According to the most up-to-date data on the best paid jobs in the public administration, after the first level managers of the tax agencies there are the magistrates.
Aside from the prestige of the position, therefore, there is also an economic reason behind the fact that many law graduates (an essential requirement for participating in the competition) look with interest at the possibility of starting a career in the judiciary.
In detail, those who win the competition start with a salary of around 22,700 euros a year during the internship period, and then rise to just under 32,000 euros once they become ordinary magistrates.
But the salary grows considerably over the years and based on experience, up to an amount which in table terms alone is equal to approximately 78,400 euros.
And by adding the various allowances provided, it is possible to even exceed the threshold of 130 thousand euros per year.
For those who want to become a magistrate, this could be the right year: as communicated by the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, a hiring plan is planned for 1,300 ordinary magistrates through three competitions arriving during 2024.
read also How much does a judge earn ( and as much as a magistrate) Competitions for prefectural career According to Aran data, on average a prefect earns 94 thousand euros a year, but the salary can reach 190 thousand euros in cases where the position held is of particular importance.
The last call (published in 2021) for access to the initial prefectural career qualification had 180 places (more than 12 thousand candidates registered) and was open to graduates with a master's degree in: jurisprudence political sciences international relations sciences public administrations economic sciences business sciences sociology and social research social service and social policies European studies historical sciences Specialist degrees in: jurisprudence theory and techniques of regulation and legal information political sciences international relations public sciences are also valid administrations economic sciences business economic sciences sociology planning and management of policies and social services contemporary history European studies Furthermore, you must have an age limit of 35 years of age which can be raised in the presence of certain factors (for example 1 year for married people and 1 year for each cohabiting child).
A new tender should be coming in 2024, but for the moment it is not yet clear when.
read also Prefect: what he does, how to become one and how much he earns Competitions for diplomatic staff Immediately below the prefects are the diplomatic staff with an average gross annual salary of 87 thousand euros.
The salary depends a lot on the role that is covered: it ranges from almost 65 thousand euros for officials employed in the office with the title of legation secretary to 241 thousand for ambassadors.
As for the competitions to become legation secretary and thus have access to a diplomatic career, there is usually one per year with 50 places.
The 2024 tender should be out next month.
Competitions to work in Parliament A double competition has recently been announced which allows you to work in Parliament and earn one of the highest salaries in the public administration.
For the moment the deadlines have expired, but it cannot be ruled out that there will be others in the coming months.
On the one hand, the recruitment concerned the role of parliamentary advisor, with an entry salary of around 70 thousand euros which can reach 240 thousand euros after the 30th year of work.
To participate in the competition, in addition to an age not exceeding 47 years, a degree in one of the fields indicated in the announcement was required.
As regards the parliamentary assistant, however, the salary is lower but still significant: it starts from around 32,800 euros upon entry, up to 105 thousand euros with 40 years' experience.
But with the advantage of being able to participate in the competition even with only a high school diploma.
read also Parliamentary assistant, what he does, how much he earns and how to become one But there are also other calls for applications to work in Parliament, such as the one for assistant, with a starting salary of around 32 thousand euros which approaches 130 thousand euros at the end of his career .
Competition for commissioners of the State Police and Penitentiary Another career with which to earn a lot of money is that of commissioner of the State Police (for which a notice is published every year, but the deadlines for the 2024 one have already expired), as as well as the Penitentiary Police (for which however the tender does not come out with a predefined deadline).
This is a gross annual salary that starts from around 33 thousand euros but can reach much higher figures, always based on the importance of the role that will be held.
To participate you must have a degree in the legal field, while the age limit is 30 years, raised in the presence of certain requirements.
Other competitions for officials of the Armed Forces also guarantee a high salary, as for example in the case of the Carabinieri.

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