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Carabinieri competition 2024, 626 places for civilians and graduates: requirements and how to apply

The notice for the 2024 Carabinieri competition for 626 places has been published on the InPA Portal.
The Carabinieri competition announced by the Ministry of Defense is also aimed at civilian graduates who meet the requirements to participate in the selections.
Participation in the 2024 Carabinieri competition provides admission to the fourteenth three-year course 2024-2027 for Cadet Marshals of the Army Inspectors role.
To enter the three-year course you must pass a preliminary test, written and oral tests, but also psycho-physical and aptitude tests.
In order not to miss this opportunity, it is good to know immediately what the requirements are, the tests and how to present your application.
Here's everything you need to know.
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The former must possess the following requirements: suitability for unconditional military service; have obtained or be able to obtain, at the end of the 2023-2024 school year, a secondary education diploma; have not exceeded the day of their 30th birthday; not having reported, in the last two years or in the period of service provided if less than two years, disciplinary sanctions more serious than surrender; not having reported, in the last two years or in the period of service provided if less than two years, a qualification lower than average or, in information reports, corresponding opinions; have not been judged unsuitable for advancement to a higher grade in the last two years; not having been convicted of non-negligent crimes; are not currently accused in criminal proceedings for non-culpable crimes; are not subjected to state disciplinary proceedings or suspended from employment or on leave for any reason for a period of not less than 60 days; in the case of criminal proceedings for non-culpable crimes, not be subjected to consequent disciplinary proceedings currently being defined.
Italian citizens, civilians, to participate in the Carabinieri 2024 competition must, however, be at least 17 years of age and not have exceeded the day of their 26th birthday and have the consent of their parents or legal guardian.
parental responsibility if minors and be able to obtain the upper secondary education diploma by the year 2023-2024.
For those who have already performed military service for a duration not less than the mandatory period of service, the maximum age limit is raised up to the day of their 28th birthday.
read also Competition for 196 places with a salary of 30 thousand euros, everything you need to know Carabinieri competition 2024 for 626 places: tests Those who participate in the selections for the Carabinieri competition 2024 will have to pass several tests.
First of all, as stated in the notice, you must take a preliminary test after which you can take the other tests.
Specifically, the selection for Cadet Marshals consists of: preliminary test.
With general culture topics; informatics; logical-deductive questions; knowledge of a foreign language chosen from French, English, Spanish and German.
written test to ascertain the level of knowledge of the Italian language with 60 multiple choice questions.
physical efficiency test and psychophysical and aptitude assessments; oral test which includes a question on contemporary history; geography; Italian constitution and citizenship; optional foreign language test.
2024 Carabinieri competition for 626 places: how to submit the application.
The application must be sent exclusively online through the competition portal of the Carabinieri (here) by selecting the competition for Cadet Marshals.
To access the reserved area of the portal to send the application you will need to log in via Spid.
The identification instrument must be registered exclusively to the candidate submitting the application.
Minor candidates must use the identification credentials registered in the name of a parent or, failing that, the guardian.
During the procedure you will be asked to indicate and attach: ordinary email address; PEC address in the name of the candidate (or of the minor's parent) passport photo in digital format.
It will be possible to submit the application until 11.59pm on 2 March 2024.
Once the application has been sent, the system will issue a receipt which must be printed and brought with you to the first test.

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