Off-site student rental bonus: requirements, amounts and submission of the application

The rental bonus for off-site students is coming.
The Meloni Government approved in Manovra 2024, a fund to help students in difficulty with renting accommodation.
Among the costs to take into consideration before enrolling in any of the universities in Italy, in addition to the cost of taxes, books and transport, there is that of accommodation.
In fact, from city to city the price can vary, from 400-500 euros just for the room, but it can also reach 800 euros, like those asked in Milan for a single room.
An expense that students have to deal with in order to get closer to their university.
For a student away from home, in fact, the cost of rent is the most important expense to bear and the choice of university often also depends on the starting economic conditions.
Given the problem linked to rents for off-site students, especially in large Italian cities, the Meloni Government has decided to make the contribution introduced in article 1, paragraph 526 of the 2021 Budget Law structural, by refinancing it.
The only difference is the funds allocated.
The measure is designed to facilitate the attendance of university study courses, both three-year and master's degrees, by students forced to change city in order to attend.
The Government has established that the funds will be equal to 4 million euros in reference to 2023 and 6 million euros for 2024.
A figure quite far from the original one, introduced by the Draghi Government, when the funds amounted to 15 million euros .
The expense support will be distributed among 60 state universities, but how do you request the bonus and what are the requirements? Here's everything you need to know about it.
read also Culture Charter and Merit Charter for young people, applications from 31 January: here's how to register Off-site student rent bonus: requirements and how to request it Not all off-site students, obviously, will be able to request the rent bonus, in fact there are specific criteria to identify the most needy students, and it is therefore a good idea for young university students to inform themselves before rushing to apply for financial assistance.
The requirements required, once again, are those set out in the original law signed by the Draghi Government in 2021.
Students who will be able to benefit from the bonus will have to demonstrate that they: have regularly enrolled at the university; being part of a family unit with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros; not having benefited from other public subsidies for housing.
Once this has been clarified, it is necessary to understand how to submit the application.
In reality, the methods for submitting the request have not yet been disclosed.
But, in all likelihood, since the funding is divided among 60 state universities, it will be the latter that publish a specific call for their off-site students.
In this way, the disbursement procedures should be shortened, as the University can not only automatically verify correct enrollment at its university, but can automatically acquire the ISEE of its students who request the contribution.
Off-site student rent bonus: how much is the amount? If it is true that the Meloni Government has decided to make the contribution for the accommodation of off-site students structural, it is also true that it has significantly reduced the allocable funds, going from the original 15 million to 4 million euros for 2023 and 6 million euros for 2024.
So off-site students might wonder about the amount.
Given the allocation of only 4 million euros for the year 2023, it is estimated that as many as 14,300 students will be able to benefit from the bonus.
a contribution that should be equal to approximately 279.21 euros for each individual student.
The funds, as mentioned, will be divided between 60 state universities, with the University of Calabria receiving the largest share, equal to 576 thousand euros.
Followed by the Polytechnic of Turin with 447 thousand euros and the University of Catania with 210 thousand euros.
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