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2 stocks that have grown by 300% to hold forever

These 2 stocks have grown by 300% but are to be held forever, according to analysts.
With just a few days to go until the end of the year, many investors are wondering which stocks to focus on in 2024 and from a long-term perspective.
For stockists it is important to identify stocks belonging to sectors with good growth prospects and these 2 stocks have all it takes to benefit from the interest rate cuts proposed by the Fed at its last meeting on 13 December.
Let's see in detail which shares are involved and why they represent an interesting long-term investment opportunity.
1) Cloudflare Cloudflare (NYSE) is a giant in cloud services: it offers a content delivery network (CDN) used to enhance the security and performance of websites.
The company stands out as a major player in this sector thanks to the increase in demand for “Zero Trust” security and developer tools, focusing in particular on artificial intelligence (AI).
Its offering includes a wide range of cloud services dedicated to accelerating and protecting business applications and infrastructures, standing out for their performance and scalability.
Operating the fastest cloud network on the market and powering approximately 20% of the Internet, Cloudflare uses this technological advantage to route traffic and thwart threats more efficiently, ensuring reliable protection.
In the third quarter, the company reported exceptional financial results, with a 32% increase in revenue and achieving its fifth consecutive quarter of record operating profits.
The Zero Trust security and edge development platforms sector presents a massive market opportunity, estimated at $146 billion.
Cloudflare's prospects are further strengthened by its established leadership position, recognized by independent research firms.
CEO Matthew Prince predicts that AI will play a key role as a catalyst for the company's long-term growth.
Currently trading at 21.3 times sales, Cloudflare shares are at a discount to the three-year average of 39.1 times sales.
Patient investors, who are willing to manage volatility, could consider including this technology stock in their portfolio to take advantage of the growth prospects in the sector.
2) Zscaler Zscaler (Nasdaq) is another point of reference in the world of cybersecurity and protagonist of the "Zero Trust" digital transformation.
In 2023 it took 25th place in the Fortune Future 50 list, among the big names in the cybersecurity sector.
The company has seen shares rise 326% over the past four years, driven by growing demand for Zero Trust networks and the need to secure cloud workloads.
Zscaler's Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, which modernizes enterprise networks by managing traffic inspection and policy enforcement directly in the cloud, gives users secure access to cloud services and the open Internet.
In its fiscal fourth quarter, Zscaler achieved impressive results, reporting a 14% increase in customers, a 20% increase in average spend per customer, and a notable 43% increase in revenue to $455 million.
As the largest network security cloud, Zscaler captures over 500 trillion security signals every day, fueling its AI models to constantly improve its ability to detect anomalies.
The company is well positioned to capitalize on the Zero Trust network and SSE trend, with Morgan Stanley forecasting a 25% annual increase in revenue over the next five years.
Currently valued at 16.5 times sales, Zscaler offers a significant discount to the three-year average of 31.3 times sales.
For investors prepared to manage possible price volatility, purchasing Zscaler shares could represent a forward-thinking investment opportunity in an ever-growing market.
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