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2 Strong Buy Stocks with Up to 150% Upside Potential According to Oppenheimer

Opportunities in Healthcare Sector: Two Stocks to Watch

The stock market experienced significant volatility throughout April, causing concerns among investors.
However, analysts at Oppenheimer view this volatility not as a reason to panic, but as an opportunity.
They have identified 2 healthcare stocks that could potentially yield returns of up to 150%, rating them as “strong buy”.

Avalo Therapeutics (AVTX)

Avalo Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company making strides in the field of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
Their leading drug, AVTX-009, is a monoclonal antibody targeting IL-1β, set for Phase 2 trials.
This drug aims to treat hidradenitis suppurativa, a painful inflammatory condition with limited treatment options.
Clinical trial data is expected in 2026, showcasing significant potential.

In a strategic move, Avalo recently acquired AlmataBio, along with the pharmaceutical candidate AVTX-009.
This acquisition allows Avalo to expand further into the inflammatory disease sector, with plans to test the drug for other indications.
Additionally, Avalo secured funding of $185 million through a private placement to support their research.

Oppenheimer analysts are bullish on Avalo Therapeutics, with an “Outperform” rating, citing the potential of AVTX-009 and the company’s long-term vision.
They set a price target of $35, indicating a 150% upside in the next 12 months.

AngioDynamics (ANGO)

AngioDynamics is a leading medical technology company specializing in minimally invasive devices.
Established in 1988, the company has built a strong reputation with innovative products such as AlphaVac for endovascular therapies and NanoKnife for localized oncology treatments.

In their recent financial report for the third fiscal quarter of 2024, AngioDynamics showed an 8% revenue increase year-over-year but reported a net loss of 16 cents per share.
Despite this setback, the company has multiple growth opportunities ahead, focusing on higher-margin MedTech products like Auryon, AngioVac/AlphaVac, and NanoKnife, with plans to expand into new global markets.

Oppenheimer assigned AngioDynamics an “Outperform” rating, with a minimum target price of $12 (100% upside) and an average target range of $14.5 to $15 (150% upside).
Despite a 21% decrease in the company’s stock this year, Oppenheimer sees a promising future due to their innovative product pipeline and expansion into new markets.

For investors willing to weather market volatility, Avalo Therapeutics and AngioDynamics present significant growth opportunities in the healthcare sector, offering the potential for remarkable returns in the next 12 months.

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