Christmas gifts, 20 ideas for less than 20 euros

Christmas is upon us and everyone is caught up in the unstoppable rush to buy Christmas gifts to give to friends and relatives.
But in a moment of crisis like this, with the sudden increase in prices, how should we behave when we would like to spare a thought for all the family and friends who have been close to us during the year? Imagining Christmas Eve dinners and parties with friends and relatives with at least 10-15 people, it seems impossible to be able to give all these Christmas gifts without spending a lot of money.
However this is not the case.
If you can't or don't want to spend too much, without giving banal gifts, you need to use your imagination and look for imaginative gifts with which to surprise the people you love.
If you still haven't found any gift that inspires you, this guide with 20 gift ideas for less than 20 euros could be useful.
Below are some ideas you can include on your gift list.
read also Secret Santa: what is it, 5 ideas for tech gifts Christmas gifts, 20 ideas for less than 20 euros In reality, if you think about it carefully and surf the internet, you realize that there are numerous gift ideas available; but to surprise it is not enough to give a gift, you have to try to be original, and above all thinking about the tastes, needs or sense of humor of the person to whom you would like to give a Christmas gift.
Below are 20 gift ideas for less than 20 euros that can easily be found on Amazon.
1) 3D lamp for children A small luminous work of design that embellishes the room of boys and girls, both young and old, and which also changes colour: A guaranteed success.
Lamps can depict hobbies that the recipient is quite fond of.
An example among all? A 3D lamp depicting a joystick or dancers.
In short, you are spoiled for choice and with this gift you will surely make adults and children happy who will be able to furnish and personalize their bedroom.
SAKIUNI Gifts for Children 3D Illusion Lamp Gamepad €15.99 Buy now 2)The 2024 Philosophical Calendar A certainly unexpected gift is the philosophical calendar, a calendar that every day with philosophical phrases invites the birthday boy to reflect, change, dare and improve himself themselves.
A gift that represents not only the desire to be part of the life of the person to whom it is given but which also demonstrates the desire for their life to always be a discovery and an evolution.
Philosophical Calendar 2024 €14.50 €14.95 Buy now 3) Book case This gift idea will surely be loved by readers of all ages.
The case will keep the books safe from possible accidents, allowing the reader to travel in peace, go to the seaside or to the mountains in the woods, without their book getting ruined.
An accessory that you will no longer be able to do without.
To embellish everything, the decorations refer to great literary works.
Book case with Alice in Wonderland quote €14.99 Buy now 4) Key ring for couples A definitely useful accessory to avoid losing house and car keys and which the recipient can always carry with them.
And to make the gift even more special, the fact of being able to share the key ring with your loved one, be it your partner or best friend.
Keychain for Couple of Cats in Love €12.99 Buy now 5) AirPods Case The AirPods case is certainly a useful gift idea appreciated by those who spend hours listening to music and podcasts.
In addition to being able to choose a design that reflects the character and tastes of the recipient, the Airpods case is certainly useful for keeping the headphones safe with an airtight seal and a cleaning kit.
RFUNGUANGO Case for AirPods €12.99 Buy now 6) Iqos case And still speaking of useful but original cases and gifts, why not give a case that holds the Iqos? If your friends are inveterate smokers who have converted to Iqos, the leather or velvet case is an excellent gift, where they can store everything they need to smoke their electronic cigarette.
Obviously available in multiple colors Original Etui case compatible with IQOS 3 €8.98 Buy now 7) Travel organizer for electronics We are now all digital nomads and especially when traveling we would like to take all the accessories of our PC and phone with us.
So a practical and functional case is an excellent gift, thanks to which your friends and colleagues will be able to travel every day carrying with them everything they need, chargers, headphones, adapters, mice, webcams, and much more.
JETech Travel Accessories Organizer Case €16.99 Buy now 8) Beard kit for men And if the gift you are looking for is an original gift to give to your brothers, cousins, uncles and friends, an excellent gift idea is the shaving kit .
A kit where the recipient of the gift will be able to find everything they need to take care of their beard and person.
A little cuddle that is right for yourself every now and then, putting any thoughts on hold.
Beard Kit for Men, €18.21 €29.96 Buy now 9) Beard towel And if the shaving kit is already in the possession of the person you would like to give a gift to.
A nice and original gift idea is definitely the shaving towel.
The cape has two suction cups on the bottom of the cloth that allow you to attach it to the mirror, creating a curtain to catch your hair.
A gift that will certainly be appreciated not only by the person concerned but by the other tenants of the house.
Ducomi Beard Towel with Suction Cups Buy now 10) Handmade Stabilized Roses A romantic gift idea to give to your partner or girlfriend are handmade stabilized roses.
Usually roses are the symbol of love, but as everyone knows the outside ones wither and die, but if you want to give a flower that never dies, preserved roses are the perfect gift.
They are real flowers and are handmade so they last forever without toxic ingredients.
A sophisticated gift that is sure to be appreciated.
RANJIMA Handmade Stabilized Roses €15.99 Buy now 11) Gaming mouse mat And if the person you want to give a gift to for less than 20 euros is a "little nerd" who loves playing video games and the computer, then a thought that will surely be appreciated is a mouse pad that guarantees excellent performance.
A gift that will surely make an impression, especially if accompanied by some funny notes about your passion for video games.
MU Gaming Mouse Mat €18.99 Buy now 12) Jewelery box The jewelery box is also an excellent gift idea.
In this way, mothers, mothers-in-law, or friends will have a place where they can store all their jewelry, always keeping them safe in a jewelry box with an incredible modern and refined design.
Larkumio Jewelry Box €18.99 €19.99 Buy now 13) Internal Wi-Fi Camera Due to multiple commitments, it is not always possible to spend a lot of time with your pets who spend hours and hours alone.
And if you want to check on your home, animals or children left with the babysitter, an excellent gift could be the Wi-Fi camera which can send motion alerts in real time and therefore allows you to control and monitor your children, animals or elderly dependents.
Internal Wi-Fi Camera €18.99 Buy now 14) Make-up organizer A make-up organizer is certainly a gift idea appreciated by friends and relatives who love to wear make-up, so as to always have brushes, mascara and lipsticks at hand, without that they get ruined and remain in contact with other household products.
In any case, it is important to choose an elegant model that matches the bathroom decor.
Withosent Rotating Makeup Holder €18.99 Buy now 15) Assorted tea sets All problems always seem smaller in front of a cup of tea.
This is a motto that should accompany all the greatest tea lovers.
An excellent gift idea for the person with whom you share your afternoon teas could be a box with the best assortments of teas and herbal teas.
A gift that will surely warm the hearts of friends and relatives.
English Tea Shop® €16.99 (€707.92 / kg) Buy now 16) Tea filter And if the person you want to give a gift to loves loose tea and herbal teas, rather than a box of assorted teas, it could be It's a great idea to give a tea infuser as a gift.
A practical gift that will surely be used with pleasure by your recipient.
COM-FOUR® 2x Tea filter, €9.99 (€5.00 / unit) Buy now 17) Wine bottle stoppers If the person you are looking for a gift for is a true wine appreciator and connoisseur, a a gift idea for less than 20 euros could be a set of stainless steel tabs for wine bottles, so that they don't get ruined.
A gift that will surely be appreciated.
WOTOR Stainless steel wine bottle stoppers €15.99 (€8.00 / unit) Buy now 18) Wool hat At Christmas friends and relatives often ask for clothing, gloves, scarves, socks and caps.
So why not give a good warm wool hat for less than 20 euros and of a good brand? In particular the Levi's hats which are perfect for men and women.
Levi's Slouchy Red Tab Beanie Unisex Hat €19.80 Buy now 19) Car cell phone holder Among the most useful gifts there is certainly the cell phone holder.
How many times while driving have you had the need to follow the directions of the navigator, or to answer a call from your children.
To avoid fines and accidents, the cell phone holder is certainly an excellent solution.
Miracase Car Cell Phone Holder €15.33 €18.99 Buy now 20) Multifunction ballpoint pen for Him And if you have exhausted every idea for dads and uncles, another much appreciated gift could be the multifunction pen: a pen that is also a ruler, screwdriver, bottle opener and much more.
An idea that will surely be loved by your relatives.
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