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Objective 2030: the EU strategy for reusable packaging at the center of the Money.it event in Milan on 17/11

The increase in the variety of products on the market has led to an increasing diversity of packaging materials.
In the period between 2009 and 2020, the European Union recorded a 20% increase in the total amount of waste generated per packaging.
To address this challenge, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 2022/0396 (COD) was established, which aims to prevent the production and promote reuse, recycling and other forms of waste recovery.
of packaging.
Furthermore, it sets strict requirements for all packaging placed on the EU market, with the aim of reducing waste disposal and promoting a circular economy.
The European scenario As part of the European Green Deal and the new action plan for the circular economy, in November 2022 the European Commission presented a revision of the directive.
The goal is to ensure that by 2030, all packaging is reusable or recyclable in an economically sustainable way.
To achieve this, the proposal aims to strengthen key requirements for packaging, promote the use of recycled materials and improve the enforceability of regulations.
Furthermore, new measures have been defined to combat overpackaging and reduce the overall amount of packaging waste.
Register for free at the event in Milan on 17/11 at 5.00pm The next steps The proposal is now in the hands of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.
According to the first debates in the Council's environmental commission, Member States are generally in favor of the directive, but do not agree on a series of points which risk generating important consequences on the economy of many companies over time.
If adopted, the proposed regulation will have a considerable impact on the regulation of packaging and packaging waste in the EU.
All companies involved in packaging products destined for Union markets will have to adapt their business practices, and Member States will be under pressure to improve their monitoring and enforcement efforts.
First adoption in 2024 The adoption of the proposed regulation is not expected before 2024, but companies must now be aware of the scope generated by this initiative and start planning their production process to ensure a gradual transition to the new regime, without interruption of activity.
The Milan event This and much more will be discussed in Milan on 17 November at 5pm in via Palestro 2, during the meeting organized by Money.it and the European Parliament, with the collaboration of the Swiss Chamber.
MEPs Silvia Sardone (LN), Maria Angela Danzì (M5S) and Patrizia Toia (PD) will participate, together with David Doninotti General Secretary of AICE, Andrea Campelli Communications and External Relations Director COREPLA and Marta Schiraldi Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Head of Nestle.
Participation is free, registration is required at this link.
Register for free at the event in Milan on 17/11 at 5pm

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