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Short week in Italy for those who work for these large companies

The short working week is one of the issues, together with the minimum wage, that rise from the bottom to the people's representatives.
Unlike the Meloni government, which does not listen and does not respond to citizens' requests, there are various realities that are adhering to the short working week as a form of experimentation.
After all, in other countries there have been positive results: increased worker well-being, increased productivity, retaining talent and bringing in new ones, as we have explained on several occasions with targeted insights.
Little by little, the world of work is approaching greater hourly flexibility, not always framed as a short week (of 4 days), but also attempting alternative ways of reducing the hours worked.
The world of work is moving in this direction, starting from the experimentation of days or half days off, up to the much discussed short working week.
It can be seen in Intesa Sanpaolo, in Samsung, Lavazza and Plasmon, but not only.
New large realities are added to the experimentation phase of flexible hours and fewer working hours for the same salary.
Among these Luxottica and Lamborghini.
read also Pay slip, in these countries people work less for the same salary The Luxottica case: union agreement for a short working week On December 1st the Christmas present arrived for Luxottica employees and future employees.
Thanks to the union agreement, the short working week, with Fridays off, has been included for the new company supplementary contract 2024-2026.
This was announced by the president and CEO of EssilorLuxottica, Francesco Milleri.
“In an era of great economic and social transformations, the urgency of redesigning new organizational models emerges”, which is why a new flexibility system has been introduced.
Specifically, the reduction of working days provides for 20 days a year in the brand's Italian factories that workers can carve out for themselves, i.e.
Fridays removed from the working week.
For factories, Luxottica is the first to open a dialogue between requests from below and the request for productivity from above.
The step took place through a union agreement signed by Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil.
At the moment, this is still an experiment and some departments and production areas will join the short week.
According to what was reported by the new organization, there are two options: the company covers 15 days, while the remaining five are covered with individual paid leave (part in the pay slip, part in welfare); the company covers 13 days, the remaining seven are covered with individual permits (remuneration entirely from the pay slip).
The introduction of the short working week is also accompanied by the possibility of smart working.
Furthermore, the company makes it known, precisely in terms of new sustainability dynamics, that it is about to open up 1,500 new permanent jobs.
The new hires will be both for the stabilization of workers with fixed-term or temporary contracts, and for new positions.
read also In these large companies they don't work on Fridays: here's who has switched to the short week The Lamborghini case: four-day working week and smartworking The automotive company Lamborghini also introduces the four-day working week.
The new recipe was signed together with the unions with an agreement that includes a series of important innovations.
The main theme is the 33.5 hour work week, but the amount of shifts will depend on each worker.
There will be weeks of four working days and others of five for those who work two shifts.
In general there will be an improvement in the quality of life of the company's employees, who will be able to define their own calendar.
There are still some issues to be resolved, for example mutual recognition for those suffering from particular, serious and rare diseases, but the bulk of the work has been done.
The agreement also provides new opportunities for improving working conditions, such as psycho-physical well-being, nutrition, fitness courses in common areas of the Lamborghini park and much more.
Lamborghini is also committed to improving the working environment through music in the factories, training courses and raising awareness on issues such as gender differences.
In practice, it will also be possible to activate smart working for several days a month, up to 12 in some cases.
Lamborghini's experience is borrowed from the reality, with excellent results, of German experimentation.
It has been made into a real reference "model" and this is the path taken by the company also in Italy.

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