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Gabriele Fava, here's who the next INPS president is and how much he earns

The new president of INPS will, in all likelihood, be Gabriele Fava.
He is a famous lawyer from Milan, already appointed in March 2021 by the current Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti as extraordinary commissioner of Alitalia.
This time the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Labor Marina Calderone have chosen A Fava to replace the INPS commissioner.
We thus went from Pasquale Tridico, an economist who had created the Citizenship Income, to the commissionership with Micaela Galera, up to the new chosen one, namely Gabriele Fava.
But who is the next (almost certain) president of INPS? read also Early inclusion allowance to 2023? Calderone speaks Who is the famous Milan lawyer Gabriele Fava: biography and career Gabriele Fava is the new (almost certain) president of the INPS, a name wanted by Giancarlo Giorgetti and the Minister of Labor Marina Calderone.
Born in Milan in 1963, Gabriele Fava is a lawyer and founder of the Fava & Associati law firm.
The role as president of INPS is just one of the various top positions that the lawyer holds and has held in the past.
In his CV we read that he graduated in Law in 1989, obtained the title of solicitor in 1992 and obtained the title of lawyer in 1997.
In his career he has held various positions: he was a member of the legislative initiatives commission of the order of Milan lawyers, consultant to the president of the VI Permanent Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and was elected to the position of arbitrator (prestigious person called within companies, institutions, parties, trade unions, to be part of panels responsible for expressing authoritative opinions and to resolve differences) of Confindustria between 2015 and 2019.
He was also a teacher and coordinator of a master's degree for Il Sole 24 Ore and also a consultant for various national associations, as well as having taken on the role of speaker at courses, conferences and seminars organized by the most authoritative training schools.
read also Social allowance 2023, updated amounts and requirements How much does the INPS director earn? Fava's assets The earnings and assets of the lawyer Gabriele Fava are not available to the public.
However, we know that thanks to his various roles within entities and the various appointments, including the current and possible president of the INPS, they produce a rather high annual profit.
It is confirmed, for example, that the salary of the INPS president has gone from 62,000 euros per year to 150,000 euros gross per year.
After Tridico, it will be Fava himself who will receive the salary increase.
An increase that was also granted to the new president of Inail.
In addition to the earnings relating to the new presidency of the INPS, it must be remembered that Fava is a successful lawyer and that he was appointed advisor to the president of the board of directors of the company Autostrade alto adriatico SpA, as well as being a member of several other boards and commissions.

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