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Shares, this Italian stock is causing a sensation among investors

Among the most popular stocks on Piazza Affari in recent days is a company whose recent stock market recovery has aroused renewed interest from investors.
The market has been accustomed, since 2022, to seeing the stock in constant decline after the strong sprint recorded since its launch in 2018.
It is the company led by Marco Cipriano, Sciuker Frames, with the ticker SCK.
Sciuker Frames: the profile of the SCK company, listed on the EURONEXT GROWTH MILAN segment, stands out as one of the main protagonists in the FTSE Italia Growth sector index.
Part of the prestigious deWol Industries, the company specializes in the design of eco-sustainable windows, emerging as one of the most promising and influential companies on the Italian Stock Exchange.
Its position as a leader in the "made in Italy" sector is also attested by the recognition obtained by Statista, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore, which designated it as the "growth leader 2024".
Analyzing the recent financial statements, a significant drop in the value of production of the parent company of the Wol Industries Group emerges, amounting to €64.96 million (-22.1%) compared to €83.43 million in 2022.
This contraction is mainly attributable to the general slowdown in company activities, negatively influenced by the slowdown in the Superbonus and the Sisma Bonus.
This context inevitably led to a decrease in net profit, further worsening the overall financial conditions of the group.
At the end of June 2023, the net financial position recorded a deficit of €-10.64 million, highlighting the financial challenges the company is facing in a changing economic environment.
SCK: a look at the graph Although the first half of the year presented alarming results, which in themselves caused a new decrease in the share price, following the recent award by Statistasi, interest in the shares has reignited of SCK, also reflected in an increase in their value.
It is no coincidence that compared to the lows recorded in October, when the share price was approximately 72% lower than the highs of December 2021, a new bullish trend began which attracted considerable attention.
Over the course of November, SCK's share price increased by 42% in capital terms, and in the November 29 trading session alone they recorded an appreciation of 10%.
From a technical point of view, the stock is aiming for the €5 value, a threshold that takes on both graphic and psychological importance.
This level can be considered a former support, which has now become resistance.

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