Update of the 2024 GPS substitute rankings, ministry-union meeting: what they said

The meeting between the Ministry of Education and Merit and the trade unions was held today 8 November to discuss the update of the rankings for the 2024 GPS substitutes, where, pending the new post-pandemic regulation linked to the Pnrr, a postponement is feared of the reopening of the same in 2025.
Not only that, in a previous information the Mim showed the possible revision of the competition classes for registration in the rankings for substitutes, therefore for teaching, and for participation in school competitions.
The unions inform that the ministry has accepted the proposals, reserving the possibility of reflecting on them by postponing the discussion to a subsequent meeting.
Let's see, in detail, what the Mim said on the update of the rankings for the 2024 substitutes and on the revision of the competition classes.
Update of the 2024 GPS substitute rankings, meeting between the ministry and the unions: here's what they said.
The meeting on 8 November between the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Education, Doctor Recinto, and the trade unions was requested by the latter following of the information provided by the ministry on 24 October last and relating to the draft of the new regulation for substitute teachers and therefore the updating of the GPS in 2024.
The draft of the regulation, as Uil Scuola Rua recalls in today's press release, was presented to the Board of It was in April last year and it had found and highlighted some significant critical issues.
The union points out that the same critical issues emerged in the last meeting in October at the ministry, the draft regulation according to them was a copy and paste of the current ordinance in force, a draft which in any case must be reviewed by the Council of State.
The unions, in today's meeting, put forward various proposals, from maintaining the updating of the rankings for biennial substitutes, to the entry into the role from the first band of GPS for the common position and support for those who have the qualification .
We would like to remind you that in the last two years those qualified for support, who moved into the first band of the rankings at the end of the TFA specialization course, entered the role after the year of training and probation without having to complete a further competition.
We remind you, in fact, that support specialists must already complete a competition, which awards 12 points in the ranking, to access the specialization course at Italian universities.
Regarding the observations and proposals of the unions, we read in the press release from the Uil Scuola Rua, "the Administration responded that the instrument of the Ministerial Ordinance, which has regulated the substitute system for the last 3 years, is a provision linked to the Covid emergency which is now over.
Therefore, the only tool currently available to regulate the management of substitute teachers could only be a regulation.
However, to extend the current ordinance or to rewrite a new one there is a need for legislative intervention.
However, it reserved the right to evaluate the proposals, including that of extending the current Ministerial Ordinance for one year, and adjourned the meeting." read also How to register for a provincial ranking to teach in schools Update of the GPS substitute rankings 2024: the proposals of the unions Uil Scuola Rua and Flc Cgil report in their press releases what were the proposals put forward by the unions regarding the modification of the draft regulation for the rankings for GPS substitutes for 2024.
First of all they underlined the need not to foresee a postponement of the updating of the rankings for substitutes to 2025, which would put in extreme difficulty teachers who want to change province, those specializing in support and those who want to include service qualifications or cultural qualifications without considering newly recruited graduates including those who have been waiting since 2022.
The unions have also, as stated in the Flc Cgil press release, posed the following points to think about.
the issue of the "replenishment" of substitutes who have not received any appointment if new positions become available in subsequent shifts (after all, many are skipped and those with a lower score take the substitute); the inclusion of all available posts from the first round of appointment, with training and streamlining of related procedures; the maintenance of the second GPS band for primary and nursery schools (we wanted to eliminate it); adequate time for updating and simplifying requests; opening of a discussion on educational staff.
Therefore, greater certainties on the future of temporary teachers or aspiring teachers could come from the next meeting.
Meanwhile, the ministry is also working on a review of the competition classes.
The Ministry of Education convened the trade unions on 7 November for information on the relevant inter-ministerial decree, a decree linked to the Pnrr and the recruitment reform which provides for the revision and merging of some competition classes in order to streamline the procedures.
In the logic of the rationalization required, we read in the Flc Cgil press release, a specific Commission has taken steps to combine the disciplines that provide for homogeneous entrance qualifications, merging the competition classes listed below: A-01 (Art and image in the secondary school of I degree) and A-17 (Drawing and history of art in secondary schools); A-12 (Literary disciplines in upper secondary schools) and A-22 (Italian, history, geography, in lower secondary schools); A-24 (Foreign languages and cultures in upper secondary education institutions) and A-25 (English language or second community language in lower secondary schools); A-29 (Music in upper secondary schools) and A-30 (Music in lower secondary schools); A-48 (Motor and sports sciences in upper secondary schools) and A-49 (Motor and sports sciences in lower secondary schools).
The unions expressed their doubts and the ministry accepted the request for a new meeting on November 16th, so that they can produce and send their observations on the matter.
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