Teaching competition classes, does it change everything? Here's what we know

Do the competition classes for teaching in schools change? From what we know, as reported by the trade unions, the Ministry of Education and Merit is thinking of streamlining the system by reviewing the competition classes to access substitutes and competitions for individual courses on common positions, therefore to the role , producing some amalgamations.
The Mim met with the unions precisely for information on the inter-ministerial decree for the revision of the teaching competition classes, before meeting them to discuss the next update of the rankings for GPS substitutes.
Let's see what should change in the competitive classes to teach according to the draft decree.
Teaching competition classes, towards revision and merging: what changes The teaching competition classes could change because the Ministry of Education and Merit is thinking of a review producing mergers between the Cdc.
The interministerial decree, presented in the recent information to the unions, has been in the works for a few months and a framework has not yet been found that would primarily convince the organizations representing school workers, as Flc Cgil communicates in a note.
The interministerial decree must be defined in a short time since, the union reports, the reform of the competition classes is linked to the commitments made by the administration with the European Commission in implementing the new recruitment system linked to the Pnrr.
It therefore does not seem possible to procrastinate on the issue.
In June 2023, a commission was established to work on the decree to change the competition classes, just some, starting from work started by the ministry already in 2018.
The merged competition classes would be those that provide for homogeneous entrance qualifications.
In detail: A-01 (Art and images in lower secondary schools) and A-17 (Drawing and history of art in upper secondary education institutions); A-12 (Literary disciplines in upper secondary schools) and A-22 (Italian, history, geography, in lower secondary schools); A-24 (Foreign languages and cultures in upper secondary education institutions) and A-25 (English language or second community language in lower secondary schools); A-29 (Music in upper secondary schools) and A-30 (Music in lower secondary schools); A-48 (Motor and sports sciences in upper secondary schools) and A-49 (Motor and sports sciences in lower secondary schools).
Other interventions concern the requirements for access to competition classes such as A028 and A023 for which the qualifications issued by any university are equivalent.
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As the Flc Cgil writes in a press release, they have well understood the need for an acceleration in the process since the decree is linked to the Pnrr and therefore consider it inappropriate to make changes where they are not necessary as for the Cdc A023.
Merging the competition classes for the unions means creating situations of dispute: for teachers who have obtained the qualification in only one of the now combined competition classes; for role transitions; for the identification of supernumeraries; for mobility; for the nomination of competition winners; for fixed-term positions.
The union concluded in the press release: The Flc Cgil reiterated that such an important issue requires a broad and substantive discussion, with times and methods appropriate to the complexity of the matter.
After a long and detailed discussion, the administration accepted the decision to adjourn the table to 16 November 2023, after the trade union organizations have sent their substantive observations.
The opposition remains of having witnessed the modification of one of the central aspects of the school's life without having involved those who every day face the problems and difficulties connected to the definition of the competition classes.
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