Sanremo Festival 2024 tickets: prices, season tickets and how to purchase them

What are the ticket prices for the 2024 Sanremo Festival? How do subscriptions work? How can I purchase tickets to attend one of the five evenings of the singing festival? These are all recurring questions now that the co-hosts and the list of big names in the competition have been made official.
The 2024 Sanremo Festival will take place from 6 to 10 February and will be hosted by Amadeus for the fifth year in a row, who will also act as artistic director; joining him on the stage of the Ariston theater will be Fiorello, Lorella Cuccarini, Teresa Mannino, Giorgia and the winner of the last edition Marco Mengoni.
This year there will be 30 artists competing – 27 big names and 3 young ones, a greater number than in the past – who will be judged by the jury in the press room, by the radio jury and by the public through televoting.
Returning to the initial question, we must immediately specify that tickets and season tickets for the 2024 Sanremo Festival are not yet on sale, with the ticket office being managed by Rai.
Despite this, we can already get an idea of the prices of tickets and season tickets, with the purchase methods expected to follow those of previous editions of the Sanremo Festival.
read also Sanremo 2024, when does it start? Dates, hosts and singers Sanremo Festival Tickets 2024: prices and subscriptions The Sanremo Festival has always been the musical – and television – event par excellence in Italy.
In recent years, thanks above all to the work carried out by Amadeus, the event has managed to win over even the youngest audiences, so much so that advertisers are competing to win the spaces made available by Rai.
At the same time, attending one of the evenings of the Sanremo Festival live has become a dream for many fans, without forgetting the glamorous effect of being present in person at the Ariston theatre.
But how can you buy tickets to attend the Festival? The capacity of the Ariston theater is 1960 seats; given the impressive scenography and television requirements, however, a few fewer spectators may be admitted.
Ticket sales for the 2024 Sanremo Festival should start in January through a special site created by Rai where there will also be a section for people with disabilities.
It will also be possible to purchase season tickets valid for all five evenings.
As for prices, we can get an idea by looking at the costs for tickets and season tickets during the last edition of the Sanremo Festival.
Tickets Audience ticket (first four evenings): 180 euros Gallery ticket (first four evenings): 100 euros Audience ticket (final evening): 660 euros Gallery ticket (final evening): 320 euros Season Tickets Audience season ticket (five evenings): 1,290 euros Subscription gallery (five evenings): 672 euros If these prices were to be confirmed – a possible adjustment, however, would only occur upwards -, these would be significant costs with various operators offering packages including hotel stays.

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