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Political polls, Meloni collapses: Salvini and Renzi do badly, the Democratic Party soars

Can SWG's latest political poll – announced on 5 February by Enrico Mentana's La7 news – be considered a wake-up call for Giorgia Meloni? The period for the prime minister does not seem to be the best.
While Meloni is in Japan and the tractors have now also arrived in Rome with the farmers' protests spreading across Europe, the Fratelli d'Italia survey shows a clear step backwards in voting intentions compared to last week.
If Giorgia Meloni "cries" Matteo Salvini certainly wouldn't seem to be laughing, with the League having started to decline again, moving further and further away from double figures in view of the European elections on 8 and 9 June.
For the government majority, the only positive sign in the survey is that of Forza Italia, even if it would be an increase to the minimum wage which would still bring the Azzurri closer to the Northern League.
According to the survey, overall the centre-right would lose half a percentage point compared to seven days ago, with the coalition which, despite the decline, would still emerge victorious in the event of elections.
read also 2024 European election polls: who wins in Italy and other EU countries Political polls: the Democratic Party is flying The Swg political poll would instead indicate a real leap forward for the Democratic Party, now closer to Giorgia Meloni even if the the gap would always remain significant and greater than eight percentage points.
The Democratic Party would thus confirm itself as the main opposition force in the Bel Paese, with the 5 Star Movement indicated as stable and for months now anchored to the threshold which fluctuates between 15 and 16%.
Among the parties vying to exceed the 4% threshold of the European elections, good news for the Green-Left Alliance which would have reached the fateful bar by a whisker.
Action would also be over 4%, with Carlo Calenda still hoping to be able to conclude the agreement with +Europa to avoid running risks at the polls; the 4% objective, however, would now be further away for Matteo Renzi and his Italia Viva.
Finally, for the first time, South Call North appears in the poll having exceeded 1%, Cateno De Luca's party which, after having elected two parliamentarians in the last political elections, would now like to attempt an encore in the European elections.

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