How much does Amadeus earn? Salary and fee of the Sanremo host

How much does Amadeus earn? A more than legitimate question given that we are talking about one of the highest paid Rai presenters.
Amedeo Sebastiani (this is Amadeus' real name) has a thirty-year television career behind him and has hosted highly successful programs such as Reazione a Catena, L'Eredita, I Soliti Ignoti, Domenica In, Stasera tutto è Possibile, L'anno che come .
This year for the fifth consecutive edition, Amadeus will return to the role of artistic director and host of Sanremo 2024 and, as expected from the role, it seems that he will have the highest fee of the Festival.
Given the record revenues that are announced for Rai also for the 2024 edition of the Festival, it would seem that the host already has a reconfirmation for next year in his pocket, but at the same time there is no shortage of rumors that speak of his possible goodbye.
So let's see how much Amadeus earns and the curiosities about the career, assets and salary of the famous host capable of breaking every audience record with the Sanremo Festival.
read also Sanremo 2024, when does it start? Dates, hosts and singers How much Amadeus earns: Sanremo 2024 cachet According to rumours, for hosting the 2022 Sanremo Festival Amadeus pocketed between 500 thousand and 600 thousand euros, a figure similar to that collected in previous editions.
As regards the 2023 edition, there would be a reduction in the host's fee who would have to pocket 70,000 euros per episode, or 350,000 euros in total.
It remains to be seen now what his earnings will be in 2024.
However, it must be specified that these are unconfirmed rumours, but the compensation appears plausible.
Indeed, five years ago Rai would have paid Claudio Baglioni – host and artistic director of the Festival – a good 585,000 euros.
Amadeus' fee is undoubtedly the most conspicuous among those of all the participants, given that for the co-hosts who will alternate with him on the Ariston stage there should be a 25,000 euro token.
read also Sanremo 2023: salary and earnings of hosts, guests and singers Amadeus: salary, career and takings Returning to Amadeus' salary, according to the data relating to 2017, this was between 800 thousand and 900 thousand euros, with a rather large gap compared to his Soliti Ignoti colleague Flavio Insinna, who would have earned 1.5 million in a year.
From 2018, however, Amadeus would receive 1 million from Rai for each single show, from which the fees for "special" presentations, such as that of L'anno che Comrà and the Sanremo Festival, must be excluded.
Amadeus' career in entertainment began on the radio, where he worked as a DJ, first in small local stations before arriving at Radio Deejay in the early 1980s.
In 1988 Amadeus made his TV debut on Italia Uno with 1, 2, 3 Jovanotti alongside the Tuscan singer and DJ.
Subsequently he hosts the musical programs DeeJay Television and Deejay Beach on Italia Uno alongside Jovanotti, Fiorello and Leonardo Pieraccioni.
In 1993 he hosted the first edition of Festivalbar with Claudio Cecchetto, Fiorello and Federica Panicucci, which proved to be a huge success.
The most emblematic program for his career came in 2003, when Amadeus hosted L'Eredità on Rai1.
However, in 2006 he decided to leave public TV to return to Mediaset with which, he stated, "I was going to earn more".
The choice later turned out to be a flop: Amadeus returns to the first channel and to an average of 3 million viewers with Now or Never.
We then find him in Mezzogiorno in famiglia, Tonight everything is possible, I Soliti Ignoti, L'Eredità and Reazione a Catena.
Amadeus married the Eredità dancer Giovanna Civitillo with whom he has a 12-year-old son, José Alberto, and with whom he lives in a mega luxury apartment in City Life overlooking the whole of Milan.
The Sebastiani-Civitillo family also has a home in Rome, which we know from the photos and videos published on social media to be a villa with a large garden, and a dog, a Boston Terrier named Kira.
Amadeus has another daughter, Alice, born from his previous marriage to Marisa Di Martino and graduated in Fashion Business from the prestigious Istituto Maragoni in Milan.
The Sanremo host is, according to the network's rumours, in the ranking of the highest paid Rai presenters, with his earnings which would be justified by the record ratings he can guarantee.
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