Roberto Vannacci

What happened to Vannacci? European elections at risk and book sales flop

Roberto Vannacci: From Military General to Media Controversy

Roberto Vannacci, a general who a year ago was relatively unknown to the public, except for his military roles, has found himself in the midst of a media storm recently.
What started as a decision to self-publish a book, titled “Il mondo al contrario”, turned into a whirlwind of controversies when some journalists accused the book of racism and homophobia.
Surprisingly, this led to record sales, significant earnings, and endless debates, propelling General Vannacci into the spotlight and drawing attention from the political sphere.

A Shift to Politics and Literary World

Amidst this newfound fame, political parties have taken an interest in having Roberto Vannacci on their lists for the upcoming European elections.
Eventually, it was the League party that succeeded in securing him, while at the beginning of the year, Vannacci released his second book, the autobiographical “La forza e il coraggio”, published by Piemme.

Currently, Vannacci is touring Italy to promote his latest literary work.
However, not everything seems to be going smoothly, as the book is selling below expectations and his candidacy in the European elections appears to be increasingly uncertain.

Recent reports from Dagospia mentioned a proposed appearance of the general on the Rai Due show “Belve”, but the host Francesca Fagnani allegedly declined the invitation.
The media attention on Vannacci seems to have dwindled, with discussions shifting away from the once-prominent figure.

Uncertainties and Challenges Ahead

While a candidacy with the League in the European elections seemed imminent not long ago, internal discontent within the party raises doubts about Vannacci’s political future.
Despite initial support from Matteo Salvini, the official announcement of Vannacci’s candidacy is still pending.

Concerns have also been raised over polling data indicating lackluster support for Vannacci’s candidacy, prompting Salvini to reconsider the situation.
The underwhelming sales of his latest book further add to Vannacci’s uncertainties, with only 14,000 copies sold compared to the 230,000 copies of his debut work.

The fading media spotlight and potential setbacks in the political arena could jeopardize Roberto Vannacci’s aspirations for a political career, highlighting the unpredictable nature of both media attention and public perception in today’s fast-paced environment.

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