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New Vannacci book: when it comes out, cost and what La Forza e il Coraggio is about

Roberto Vannacci has written a new book: La Forza e il Coraggio, a work that follows Il Mondo al Contrario which was the authentic literary case of 2023 given the approximately 200,000 copies sold on Amazon of the text which was self-produced by the author.
Vannacci's first book also became a political case, given the distancing by the Army and the Defense Minister Crosetto following the concepts expressed by the general in his work; What sparked discussion were the phrases addressed to homosexuals "you are not normal, get over it!", with other invectives which were then reserved for feminism, environmentalism and migrants.
However, the many controversies were the best possible advertisement for Vannacci's book, so much so that a candidacy for the general – freshly appointed as Chief of Staff of the Army Land Operational Forces Command – in the next European elections between the ranks of the League.
The release of Roberto Vannacci's second book could therefore coincide with the start of the electoral campaign for the European elections, with the soldier who will begin a new tour to promote Strength and Courage.
So let's see when La Forza e il Coraggio comes out, its price and what will be the themes covered by the second book written by Roberto Vannacci which, according to what we learn, will be a sort of autobriography of the general.
read also How much does Roberto Vannacci earn? Biography, salary and earnings of General Roberto Vannacci: when the new book comes out Roberto Vannacci's new book will be titled La Forza e il Coraggio and, as reported by Fatto Quotidiano, it should be released in March.
For the general, this is the second work that follows Il Mondo al Contrario published last summer.
The timing of the release of Vannacci's new book could coincide with the announcement of his return to politics, with the general ready to run in the European elections in June with the League.
The promotional tour of La Forza e il Coraggio could consequently turn into a sort of electoral campaign: the general should run for office in the Centro constituency which also includes his Tuscany.
The price of Vannacci's new book Again according to what was written by Fatto Quotidiano, Roberto Vannacci's second book will be published by Piemme and will cost 18.50 euros.
The publishing house's hope in all likelihood is to be able to replicate the success of Il Mondo al Contrario.
In fact, General Vannacci's first book – which was self-produced – would have sold around 200,000 copies at the price of 19.76 euros each, so much so that there is talk of generous profits for the soldier now ready for an encore with Strength and Courage.
What Vannacci's new book will be about The presentation of the book made by Piemme was anticipated by Fatto Quotidiano which defined Roberto Vannacci's new work as a sort of 200-page long autobiography, with the general focusing his new work on his private life and his experience as a raider in the Army.
“Roberto Vannacci has divided Italy like no one in recent years.
His self-published book has sold over 200,000 copies.
A success that no one had bet on – we read in the abstract of the Piemme publishing house – This time he returns to the bookshops with a different essay, more personal because it tells his story as a faithful servant of the State as a raider general”.
However, there should also be references to current events, with the book defined by the publisher as "an editorial event, amidst new controversies and curiosities".
Probably also in view of a candidacy in the European elections, we read that Vannacci "is committed to promotion and will be available for interviews and to participate in television talk shows".

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