How much do they earn?

Maria Braccini, who she is, what work she does and how much Sinner's girlfriend earns

Model and influencer.
Maria Braccini is known to the general public for being Jannik Sinner's girlfriend.
The tennis player, after having won the Davis Cup, this morning – Sunday 28 January – is playing his first final at the Australian Open against Medvedev, after beating the number one in the world, the Serbian Novak Djokovic, on Friday.
The love story that made thousands of fans sigh seemed to have ended in 2021 due to the influencer's high media exposure, but certain loves – as Venditti sings – "take immense turns and then return".
It would seem, in fact, that the tennis player from San Candido (Bolzano) – who has always been very reserved about his private life – has been back together with Maria Braccini for a few months, photographed for the first time in November at the San Siro stadium, during the match Champions League between Milan and Borussia Dortmund.
But what do we really know about the athlete's girlfriend? Here's who he is, what he does and how much he earns.
read also Sinner vs Medvedev, 2024 Australian Open final: when she plays, time and where to see her Who is Maria Braccini and what work she does Born in India, in New Delhi, Maria Braccini is 22 years old and is an Italian model and influencer, she has a page very active with over 203 thousand followers.
And it is precisely on Instagram that the two met – writes the Corriere.
At the moment, however, Braccini's profile is private, perhaps also due to her boyfriend's request for greater privacy, who would have left her in 2021 precisely due to her high media exposure.
Sinner spoke of Maria not only her extreme understanding of the athlete's needs, but also her extreme independence – a trait that would have impressed him greatly.
Maria Braccini and Jannik Sinner, their love story The two would have met on Instagram, where today – 28 January 2024 – she has a following of over 203 thousand followers.
It would seem that the relationship was born – but it is not certain, as there is no confirmation from them – after the repeated hearts and likes that Sinner would have put on the model's posts, giving the two the excuse to start a conversation.
But leaving aside the rumors, the two would have started dating in 2020.
In an interview Sinner had declared that he appreciated not only Maria's independence, but also the fact that his girlfriend had never put pressure on him in the relationship, leaving space and prioritizing their careers – a trait much appreciated by the tennis player.
However, the couple would have broken up in 2021 and according to what was leaked, the straw that would have broken the camel's back and led to the breakup would have been a post published on the influencer's social media: a photo of the couple giving each other a kiss, to celebrate their anniversary.
A gesture not appreciated by Sinner, who has always preferred to maintain a certain privacy.
From here their paths would have divided and last year Sinner was credited with having a relationship with another South Tyrolean influencer, before the flashback with Braccini.
Last November 28, in fact, the two would have returned to the open by appearing together at the stadium for the AC Milan-Borussima Dortumund match.
How much does Maria Braccini earn? Unfortunately, there is no certain information on how much the influencer earns, but it is reasonable to think that his salary is quite high, knowing how much male and female models earn on average.
Not to mention the collaborations that can be seen on his Instagram profile.
At the moment, however, no new collaborations are known, which could indicate an increase in the model's notoriety in the sector, consequently increasing her assets.
All you have to do is send a friend request to the influencer on Instagram to follow his steps in the world of fashion.
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