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Robert and Michael Hartono’s Wealth: The Fortune of Como Owners

The Wealth of Robert and Michael Hartono

With the promotion of Como to Serie A thanks to their second-place finish in the second division, curiosity is high about the Hartono brothers, owners of the Lombard club and long considered among the wealthiest people in Indonesia.

Acquisition of Como FC

In 2019, Robert and Michael Hartono, through their London-based company SENT Entertainment Ltd – part of the Djarum Group, the Indonesian tobacco giant owned by the brothers – acquired Como FC.
This acquisition coincided with Como’s victory in the Serie D championship and their return to professionalism.

Despite not splurging on extravagant transfer campaigns, the Hartono brothers first brought Como back to Serie B and now to Serie A.
The promotion was secured on the final matchday thanks to Venezia’s defeat in La Spezia.

The Hartono Brothers’ Wealth

Michael Bambang Hartono (born in 1939) and Robert Budi Hartono (born in 1941) are Indonesian brothers, sons of Oei Wie Gwan.
Starting from a small cigarette factory, their father managed to build an empire ranging from BCA – Indonesia’s largest investment bank – to the tobacco giant Djarum.

Forbes estimates the brothers’ combined wealth at $48 billion, making them among the richest individuals in Indonesia and top owners in Serie A.
Robert Hartono is reportedly the 86th wealthiest person globally, with a personal fortune of $22.7 billion, while Michael Hartono follows closely with $21.8 billion.

Since acquiring Como, the Hartono brothers have injected nearly €42 million into the club, aiming to strengthen the team and the club’s facilities in a bid for Serie A survival.

Future Investments

The Indonesian ownership seems set to continue investing in Como, not only on the team but also on the club’s facilities and infrastructure, with the goal of establishing a solid presence in Serie A.

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