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Postal Money Order: How it Works, How to Get One, and What are the Costs

Postal Money Order: A Secure Payment Solution by Poste Italiane

The postal money order is a reliable payment solution offered by Poste Italiane, facilitating money transfers between individuals, even without a bank account.
This service is accessible at Post Offices or conveniently online through the app or website if you are a BancoPosta account holder.

With the postal money order, you can send money to anyone, anywhere in Italy, ensuring payment security and traceability.

Types of Postal Money Orders Available

The postal money order is a simple and secure tool for transferring money in Italy and abroad.
Poste Italiane offers four different types of postal money orders, adapting to the various needs of customers for national and international transfers.

Here are the currently available and active types:

  • Ordinary Postal Money Order: allows transferring money to individuals without a postal or bank account.
    The amount can be sent up to €2,582.28, delivered to the recipient’s home within 6 days, and can be collected within 2 years from issuance.
  • International Postal Money Order: used for sending or receiving money from abroad within 7-10 days.
    Available for several countries.
  • Circular Postal Money Order: similar to the ordinary order but offers advantages like personal delivery to the beneficiary with no transfer limit.
  • Fast Postal Money Order: ensures immediate delivery to the beneficiary with a maximum amount of €999.99.

How Postal Money Orders Work

The postal money order is a secure and widely accepted method globally for money transfers.
To send one, visit a Post Office, fill out the sender’s and recipient’s details, pay the applicable fee, and once completed, the recipient receives a notification.
Each order has a unique tracking number for monitoring the transaction.

Costs and Timing

Postal money orders offer a safe and trackable solution, with costs varying based on the type and issuance method.
It’s crucial to choose the type that suits your transfer needs best considering both costs and delivery times.

Type of Postal Money Order Sender’s Cost Maximum Amount Delivery Time
Ordinary €6 in person, €2.50 online €2,582.28 3-4 business days
Fast €10 €999.99 Immediate
Circular €3 up to €1,999.99, €8 up to €49,999.99, €10 for amounts over €50,000 Unlimited Delivered by the sender
International €6 Variable 7-10 business days

How to Fill Out a Postal Money Order Correctly

Completing a postal money order accurately requires attention to detail and essential information possession.
Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the nearest Post Office.
  2. Request the specific postal money order form.
  3. Fill in the sender’s and recipient’s details.
  4. Specify the amount to send.
  5. Add a payment reason.
  6. Sign the form.
  7. Pay the applicable fee.
  8. Confirm the transfer.
  9. Keep the receipt for tracking.

For online orders, access the Poste Italiane website, choose the type of order, log in with BancoPosta credentials, fill out the form, and confirm the transfer.

How to Cash a Postal Money Order

To cash a postal money order, the beneficiary needs to follow a specific procedure depending on the type received.
Necessary documents include a valid ID, tax code, and additional details for fast orders.
The process ensures safe and timely transactions.

By following these guidelines, the beneficiary can cash the postal money order simply and securely, ensuring the transferred amount is available promptly with Poste Italiane’s provided security guarantees.

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