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How much does Antonio Tajani earn? Salary and biography of the Foreign Minister

How much does Antonio Tajani earn? After the death of Silvio Berlusconi in June.
Let's see how much Antonio Tajani earns, taking a look at the salary received and the biography of the national secretary of Forza Italia and Foreign Minister of the Meloni government.
read also How much does a minister earn in Italy? Salary and pension of government members The biography of Antonio Tajani Born in Rome on 4 August 1953, after graduating in Law from La Sapienza University of Rome Antonio Tajani joined the Air Force.
He then began his career as a journalist in the editorial staff of Il Giornale , of which he became head of the Roman editorial team.
During his years as a journalist he was sent to Lebanon, the Soviet Union and Somalia.
Politically he began his experience at a young age when he fought in the Youth Monarchist Front.
We then find him in the 1990s among the founders of Forza Italia and one of the party's main politicians for the Lazio region.
In 2001 he was the centre-right candidate for the Rome elections, where he was however defeated in the run-off by Valter Veltroni.
Tajani's political career, however, developed above all in Europe, where he arrived in 1994 and was subsequently confirmed in all the subsequent four elections.
In Brussels he was first appointed European Commissioner for Transport and then European Commissioner for Industry, a role he held for 4 years from 2010 to 2014.
In 2014 he then renounced 468,000 euros of transitional allowance for a conscientious choice.
The big step took place in January 2017, when he was elected President of the European Parliament, thus succeeding the German Martin Schulz.
In total Tajani served five legislatures in Europe, becoming one of our most popular politicians in Brussels.
After becoming vice-president and coordinator of Forza Italia in 2018, in the political elections of September 2022 Antonio Tajani was elected to the Chamber after winning his single-member constituency in Velletri with 49% of the votes.
After the death of Silvio Berlusconi, in July 2023 he was appointed national secretary of Forza Italia, with the role which was confirmed on the occasion of the Azzurri Congress.
The salary During the many years spent in the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani received a salary that fluctuated between 16,000 and 19,000 euros per month, with the amount varying depending on the frequency with which he attended the sessions.
To these must be added up to 24,526 euros per month to pay the various bag holders which in some cases are even ten for a single MEP.
In addition, there is the pension which starts at the age of 63 and is equal to 3.5% of the salary for each full year of the mandate, without however being able to exceed 70% in total.
Now that he has become a minister, Tajani still maintains his salary as a deputy: he is therefore entitled to a net allowance of 5,000 euros per month plus a daily allowance of 3,503.11 and a reimbursement for mandate expenses of 3,690 euros.
Added to these are 1,200 euros per year in telephone reimbursements and from 3,323.70 up to 3,995.10 euros every three months for transport.
Making a quick calculation and without considering any function allowances, the members of the Chamber earn 13,971.35 every month.
According to the 2022 tax return, which refers to 2021 as the tax period, Antonio Tajani declared a total income of 54,920 euros.
The last tax return presented, that of 2023 which refers to 2022 as the tax period when in the autumn he first became a deputy and then a minister, the total declared income was 76,748 euros.
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