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How much does Pino Insegno earn? Biography and career of the TV host

How much does Pino Insegno earn? This is a very topical question given that, both positively and negatively, the host is one of the television personalities of the moment, so much so that he has almost become a political case.
In recent times, in fact, the figure of Pino Insegno has been associated with that of Giorgia Meloni, with the prime minister wanting him on stage at the closing of the electoral campaign for the 2022 elections and in other Fratelli d'Italia events.
When the return of Insegno to Viale Mazzini was announced at the presentation of the new Rai schedules, the opposition immediately evoked a sort of "Tele Meloni" speaking of yet another political occupation of the public service, also bringing Nunzia de Girolamo into play.
Political closeness with Giorgia Meloni aside, Pino Insegno is one of the most complete local artists – actor, dubber, comedian and presenter -, but his return to Rai so far is not giving the desired results.
In fact, in September he began hosting the Il Mercante in Fiera program on Rai Due, but the ratings were very disappointing, so much so that an early closure was hypothesized compared to the expected December deadline.
Then in the new year Pino Insegno should have moved to Rai Uno to host L'Eredità: in the last few hours, however, Rai together with the producers of the program decided to change strategy and focus on another name.
So let's see the biography and earnings of Pino Insegno, the presenter who is also causing much discussion in politics.
read also How much did Bianca Berlinguer earn in Rai? Pino Insegno's biography Name: Giuseppe Insegno Date of birth: 30 August 1959 Place: Rome Family: son of a window dresser, his maternal uncles were the actors of Rossana Di Lorenzo and Maurizio Arena, while his brother Claudio is an actor Life Private: he has two children with his ex-wife Roberta Lanfranchi and two others with his current wife, the actress Alessia Navarro.
Work: voice actor, TV host, comedian and actor Curiosity: he is a big Lazio fan Pino Insegno: career and earnings It is not easy to enclose in a few lines a long and varied artistic career like that of Pino Insegno.
His beginnings in the world of entertainment are in theater and comedy, with the famous quartet La Premiata Ditta.
Also active in the world of cinema, in 1985 he took part in the film Mezzo Destro Mezzo Sinistro, acting in a total of sixteen films, as well as several TV series including Un Posto al Sole and Lo Zio d'America 2.
His career was also very long television career both together with his companions from the Premiata Ditta and alone: from Buona Domenica to Cervelloni, passing through Domenica In, Il Grande Gioco dell'Oca and lo Zecchino d'Oro.
In 2023 he then returned to Rai where he took his first television steps.
As a voice actor, he has provided his voice in films such as The Godfather II, The Lord of the Rings, The Departed and Army of the 12 Monkeys, as well as the most popular cartoons such as The Simpson, Family Guy and American Dad.
As for Pino Insegno's earnings, there are no official figures but, given his long career, he has certainly been able to set aside a decent sum over the years.
Regarding the controversy in Rai, his manager Diego Righini declared that: “Pino's contract is armored and concerns the hosting of «Il Mercante in Fiera» and «L'Eredità» or a similar program.
So if they propose him to run "Your Business" that's fine, but if they leave him on the bench, even if he's paid, then we'll move differently."

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