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How much does Giancarlo Giorgetti earn? Salary, income and biography of the Minister of Economy

Giancarlo Giorgetti, after having been the Minister of Economic Development in the outgoing Draghi government, considered the most listened to by the former Prime Minister, in the current executive led by Giorgia Meloni he instead holds the position of Minister of Economy.
However, beware of thinking that Giancarlo Giorgetti is a new figure within the League: for the first time he was elected deputy in 1996, then taking part in all subsequent legislatures and also being re-elected in the September 2022 elections.
But how much does Giancarlo earn Giorgetti? Let's see the biography, salary and income of the League minister who leads the wing considered more governmental and moderate of the Northern League.
read also Parliamentary salaries: how much do deputies and senators earn? The biography of Giancarlo Giorgetti Giancarlo Giorgetti was born in Cazzago Brabbia, a town of 700 souls in the province of Varese, on 16 December 1966.
Son of a fisherman and a worker, as well as cousin of the banker Massimo Ponzellini, he is married to Laura Ferrari who in 2008 agreed to a sentence of 2 months and 10 days for a scam against the Lombardy Region.
After graduating in Economics from Bocconi in Milan and starting to work as an accountant, Giorgetti approached politics by becoming mayor of Cazzago Brabbia at the head of a civic list.
That was the first step that led him to join the Northern League, until he was elected deputy for the first time in the 1996 elections.
Since then, the Northern League exponent has sat uninterruptedly in Montecitorio, also holding the post from 2002 to 2012.
role of national secretary of the Lombard League.
The vote on 4 March 2018 was therefore no exception, where Giancarlo Giorgetti was elected again and was then reconfirmed as group leader of the League in the Chamber, a role he had also held in the last legislature.
In these twenty-odd years spent in Parliament, the Northern League MP has also held the role of president of the Budget, Treasury and Planning Commission and that of vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Commission.
Then in 2013 the then president Napolitano wanted him in the "group of wise men" in charge of writing some important reforms.
During the first Conte government he held the role of undersecretary to the Presidency while, with the birth of the Draghi government, he was appointed Minister of Economic Development: in the Draghi government's Council of Ministers he was the only politician who was able to directly manage a good portion of PNRR money.
In the Meloni government, however, he was entrusted with the most important department: that of Economy and Finance, thus having to try to keep the country's accounts in order.
With Salvini at the helm of the League, Umberto Bossi has always said a great thing about Giancarlo Giorgetti, an estimate also shared by Roberto Maroni.
But it was with Matteo Salvini's arrival at the helm of the Northern League that a duo was formed that seemed to be stainless.
If the secretary of the League is in fact the man capable of inflaming the squares, social media and going crazy in television lounges, Giorgetti on the contrary is the one who is in charge of establishing diplomatic relations inside and outside Parliament.
It is no coincidence that he is nicknamed "the Gianni Letta of the League" given his role as mediator.
Now, however, Giancarlo Giorgetti seems to have distanced himself from the more markedly sovereignist positions of his secretary.
If until some time ago Giorgetti was considered Salvini's right-hand man, now relations between the two are at an all-time low, so much so that there are even rumors of a sort of dualism within the League.
Salary and income Giancarlo Giorgetti as a deputy is entitled to a net allowance of 5,000 euros per month plus a daily allowance of 3,503.11 and a reimbursement for mandate expenses of 3,690 euros.
Added to these are 1,200 euros per year in telephone reimbursements and from 3,323.70 up to 3,995.10 euros every three months for transport.
In light of all these items, in total the monthly salary should be 13,971.35 euros.
Being a long-time parliamentarian, he has also gained the right to a pension and an end-of-term allowance, which is equal to 80% of the gross monthly amount of the allowance multiplied by the number of years of effective mandate.
According to the 2021 tax return, the total income declared by Giancarlo Giorgetti was 99,883 euros.
In the 2018 declaration, however, the total income was 126,959 euros.
According to the latest tax return, the 2023 one which refers to 2022 as the tax period, the minister's total income was 99,761 euros.
We remember that as a result of a decree wanted by the then Prime Minister Enrico Letta, a parliamentarian who becomes a minister does not receive a double salary but only that of a deputy or senator.
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