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How much does Gerry Scotti earn? Salary, assets and biography of the host

How much does Gerry Scotti earn? This is a recurring question given that we are talking about one of the most loved and followed presenters in Italy, the historical face of Canale 5 and Mediaset and host of some successful programs such as Who wants to be a millionaire, Caduta Libera and The Wall.
Moreover, the number of hours accumulated in video for Canale 5 guarantees a respectable millionaire salary for Gerry Scotti over the course of the year, making him one of the highest paid presenters ever on the small screen.
Few, however, remember that Scotti was also a deputy elected from the ranks of the Italian Socialist Party in the 1987 elections thanks to almost ten thousand preferences obtained.
As a former parliamentarian he also receives a pension which he has long asked not to receive.
Let's try to get an idea of Gerry Scotti's earnings by analyzing his biography full of successes and personal challenges.
Gerry Scotti's biography Gerry Scotti is a bit like what Carlo Conti is for the Rai networks.
Virginio Scotti, this is his real name, was born in Mirandolo Terme in the province of Pavia on 7 August 1956 (current age 67).
A worker father (in charge of the presses of one of the most important newspapers in Italy, Il Corriere della Sera) and a housewife mother, after graduating from high school, Gerry Scotti enrolled in the Faculty of Law in Milan, which he however abandoned just two exams before graduating.
He began his career in the world of entertainment under the pseudonym Gary Scotti, who later became Gerry, at some local radio stations such as Radio Hinterland Milano2 and Radio Milano International.
In the 80s he arrived at Radio Deejay upon direct invitation from Claudio Cecchetto, while his first experience on TV was with DeeJay Television.
His career was soon linked to Mediaset, which quickly made him its leading face (having never left the Cologno Monzese networks).
Before his death, Mike Bongiorno considered him his spiritual heir within the television scene.
His great popularity arrived at the end of the nineties when he hosted cult programs such as Passaparola, Who wants to be a millionaire (at the beginning, before the change from the lira to the euro, billionaire), Corrida and Paperissima.
Today we still see him on TV as a juror of Amici: as a presenter he has over 700 prime time episodes and more than 7000 daytime episodes under his belt on Mediaset networks, establishing his own personal record.
How much does Gerry Scotti earn? Tireless and always with a smile on his face, endowed with a contagious friendliness that has managed to infect many viewers during a career spanning over 40 years.
Gerry Scotti is a guarantee for the Mediaset networks and in particular for the early evening quizzes that precede Tg5.
According to some data and rumors on the web that refer to 2020, Gerry Scotti's annual salary would be around 10 million euros: the proceeds derive both from the fee provided by the biscione networks but also from the telesales and promotions for which Scotti is usually lends his face and his sympathy.
Few people know that Gerry Scotti is also the owner of one of the television studios used by Mediaset, Studio Michelangelo (located in Cologno Monzese).
As a former parliamentarian, the presenter is entitled to a pension which he has been trying to give up for some time.
“I started voting again – he recently declared to Corriere della Sera -, but I had a bad experience with that experience.
I still have the famous one thousand euro pension that I want to give up: I have already told three prime ministers and I will also tell Giorgia Meloni.
They suggested I give them to charity: I had figured it out.
But I wish I didn't have to pick them up.
Since I've been talking about it, do you know how many other former ladies and gentlemen have written to me to join this idea? Zero".
In 2014, Gerry Scotti asked for the first time to be able to renounce the annuity which would amount to around 1,400 euros per month, but despite having reiterated the request over the years, he still continues to receive the monthly allowance today.
Since then the host has declared that he will donate the sum to the families of those killed at work.

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