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How to work for Amazon from home

There are many who want to work for Amazon, also because the company is always looking for a lot of staff.
Not everyone knows, however, that there are also open positions for remote work, "virtual job opportunities" also open to those who do not live near an Amazon office.
The positions for working from home for Amazon, however, are related to specific areas, but it is not a limiting condition because selections relating to different Italian areas are almost always available.
At the moment there are 9 remote job advertisements on the Amazon page dedicated to virtual opportunities, here is all the information.
Amazon: remote jobs How to work for Amazon from home Area/Shift Manager – area and shift manager Shift manager Area/Shift manager 2024 ICQA Operations Manager – inventory control and quality assurance operations Sales manager Job offers for ex-servicemen, reservists and military spouses Operations manager – supervision of business processes Pathways area manager How to work for Amazon from home Remote job advertisements on behalf of Amazon are quite varied and concern various sectors.
All positions are illustrated on the specific Amazon web page, with the possibility of selecting different filters to view only the relevant adverts.
Of course, each position requires some specific skills, but overall these are not overly restrictive offers, with the exception of some positions reserved for those with experience in the military field.
The application takes place directly online, through the page of the desired announcement.
To proceed you need to log in with an Amazon account, a Google account or sign up to amazon.jobs.
Then, you fill in the required information and you can submit your response.
You will finally be put in contact with a recruiter, with whom you will discuss all the details relating to the job and proceed with the interview.
As of today, Monday 20 November, there are 9 advertisements dedicated to Italian workers, which we have already selected and divided into categories, as several advertisements relate to the same positions with differences regarding the territorial area or specific requirements.
Area/Shift Manager – area and shift manager The first work from home opportunity on behalf of Amazon is dedicated to Northern Italy and aimed at Area and Shift managers.
The main objectives of these figures will be: Safeguard the safety of the team during work; verify that Amazon can maintain the usual high quality standards; demonstrate problem-solving and analytical skills; commitment to improving and optimizing processes.
The requirements are rather generic, in detail: Have a degree or be a university student; willingness to relocate if required; willingness to work a non-traditional shift system, which may include nights and weekends; fluent knowledge of Italian and English.
Work experience in the field is preferred, but not specifically required.
Shift manager Positions for shift managers – identical to those just described – are also open in Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.
Area/Shift manager 2024 Area and Shift managers are then required throughout Italy, with the same conditions as the previous ones, aimed at 2024.
ICQA Operations Manager – inventory control and quality assurance operations This virtual position concerns the whole of Italy and includes the following tasks: Safety programs and compliance with workplace laws; coordination of inventory control and strategies, ensuring compliance with SOX law; measuring the quality and accuracy of the inventory, providing corrections to the team; reviewing and analyzing customer complaints and planning strategies to reduce future inconveniences; development of an action plan for resolving errors.
The essential requirements required are: Degree; organization skills; ability to impact the working environment; time management; good knowledge of Italian and English.
Sales manager This virtual offer is aimed at the whole of Italy and comes from Ring, which is looking for figures to take care of the company's growth plan in the Italian territory.
In this case, previous experience in the field of wholesale and retail sales is required.
Job offers for ex-servicemen, reservists and military spouses Some positions similar to those described are specifically reserved for those who have experience in the military field, in particular maintenance shift managers and Area/Shift managers are required.
Operations manager – supervision of company processes This job offer also has no specific limits on Italian territory and is aimed at students who must graduate between 2024 and 2025 in engineering, business administration, business management and similar.
Pathways area manager This job proposal concerns all graduates and those who graduate by 2025 in Italy, who will have to deal with the guidance and preparation of staff and supervise the maintenance of quality standards.
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