What the weather will be like at Christmas according to the latest forecasts

The month of December is in full swing but we certainly can't say that the weather isn't kind.
Throughout Italy the sky has been sunny for several days with freezing temperatures especially in the evening hours, but during the day the averages are above seasonal ones.
The bad weather seems to have given a reprieve after a fairly rainy November.
We are approaching the Christmas holidays and the curiosity to know what the weather will be like at Christmas is high.
Given that the holidays are still several days away and for this reason the experts' forecasts still have a low probability.
But we will most likely see a worsening of temperatures.
Here are the forecasts for Christmas.
Weather forecast for next week The website provides previews of what the weather will be like this week but also the following week which will lead us to Christmas Eve.
The good news is that at least until December 21-22 the weather situation in our country will be stable with sunny and mild weather.
Only on Wednesday 13 December will the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance bring isolated rainfall especially in the North.
In the northern regions there will also be a return of fog, which could worsen the concentration of pollutants in the air.
On Thursday 14th the situation improves in the North, and the bad weather will move towards the central-southern regions and the north-east of Sicily.
The arrival of a mass of cold air following the disturbance will cause consequences as it enters our seas: unstable weather is expected for Friday 15th and Saturday 16th with possible precipitation on the middle Adriatic side, in the South and on Sicily, and temperatures also falling due to cold winds coming from the north-east.
This condition of especially local instability could exist at least until Sunday 17 December, then a return of the anticyclone with mild temperatures is expected.
Maximum temperatures will be well above the seasonal average with peaks of up to 15-20 degrees and with the risk that violent atmospheric events may subsequently occur with heavy rains falling within a short time.
These are the consequences of ongoing climate change.
read also Christmas holidays 2023: when they start and date of return to school What the weather will be like at Christmas It's still early to have an accurate and precise forecast for Christmas week but the first forecasts don't say anything good.
In fact, it would seem that for Christmas and New Year the cold and even the snow at low altitude may return.
This is due to a freezing air mass that is currently resting over Russia and the Scandinavian peninsula and which could descend on the Mediterranean and Italy between 21/22 December.
This disturbance could significantly lower temperatures and also bring snow to low altitudes.
A cyclone that will affect much of the peninsula with cold, bad weather and snow.
In short, we could witness a week of Christmas in full winter style with glacial weather and snow accompanying the festive evenings.
We will see in the next few days when there are more accurate predictions what will happen.

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