What the Berlusconi family is selling (and for how much money)

Tomorrow 12 December will be six months since the death of Silvio Berlusconi, entrepreneur and political figure who made the history of our country.
The process of dividing the knight's enormous estate ended a few months ago but now, apparently, the heirs are thinking of putting some properties up for sale which have a high management cost.
Silvio Berlusconi left a huge legacy.
Not only companies, but also properties such as apartments, villas, boats, works of art.
An inheritance that ended up in the hands of his heirs, who are his children.
According to Corriere della Sera, the 5 children have reached an agreement to develop a series of properties that have a high management cost.
Valorization which means sale with subsequent distribution of the proceeds, according to the testamentary shares, which will arrive.
Therefore the heirs would be ready to put a large part of their properties including villas, apartments and boats up for sale, only to then divide the proceeds.
However, this does not mean that some of these properties do not end up being purchased by the same heirs, therefore the children themselves.
But what properties are we talking about? Here's what could end up on sale.
Villas, apartments, boats: Berlusconi's properties that could end up for sale The properties, especially real estate, owned by Silvio Berlusconi have a value ranging from 600 million to 1 billion.
First of all, villas: the knight owned many of them around the world.
Berlusconi loved receiving guests in these villas and some have a truly very high value.
Over the course of his life he has purchased many and some are about to end up on sale.
Like Villa Gernetto, the eighteenth-century residence near Lesmo in Brianza, which would be the first to be targeted by the 5 children who would like to put it up for sale.
The villa is an asset of Fininvest and was the location of the almost wedding with Marta Fascina.
The same asset also includes the land on the Costa Turchese in Sardinia where Berlusconi dreamed of building a real estate empire made up of villas, resorts and a golf course.
Even at Villa Gernetto Berlusconi had the aspiration of making it an international university of liberal thought to teach his ideologies especially to younger people.
An ambitious project that never came to fruition.
As for real estate, his villa in the Caribbean, in Antigua, could also end up up for sale.
Or Villa Certosa in Sardinia which was for years the summer residence of the Knight who hosted illustrious and international guests in his home.
Or the villa in Portofino, Villa Campari on Lake Maggiore or the beautiful villa on the Appia Antica, taken over by Franco Zeffirelli.
Berlusconi has bought dozens of villas in his life and all have been enriched with pieces of his history.
Berlusconi took care of them obsessively, starting from the living rooms where he welcomed guests or the gardens where plants arrived from nurseries from all over the world.
In the rooms there are memorabilia, memories of his entrepreneurial and political life.
One thing is certain: Villa San Martino in Arcore cannot be touched.
The villa, where Marta Fascina still lives and which houses the funeral mausoleum where the ashes of the former prime minister are placed next to those of her mother Rosa, her father Luigi and her sister Maria Antonietta.
To complete Berlusconi's assets there are around 100 apartments in the Milan area and dozens more villas.
And then there are the beautiful boats.
Morning Glory and Sweet Dragon would also be put up for sale.
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