How to give a Netflix subscription as a gift (for Christmas and beyond)

Giving a Netflix subscription as a gift for Christmas, a birthday or a special occasion is an original, useful gift idea appreciated by all film and TV series fans.
If you're tired of frantically looking for the last minute gift with the constant fear of making the wrong choice, giving a Netflix Gift Card definitely makes things easier.
Fans of films, TV series, documentaries and much more will be happy to receive a Netflix subscription as a gift.
Giving a Netflix Gift Card is very simple.
To surprise a friend or relative with an original gift, just follow the instructions in this guide.
Giving a Netflix subscription as a gift: how to do it? How does a Netflix gift card work? Types of Netflix Gift Cards Where to buy the Netflix Gift Card? How to activate the Netflix gift card? Netflix Gift Card Regulations How does a Netflix gift card work? Giving a Netflix subscription as a gift is simple.
The only prerequisite that the recipient of our gift must meet is to have an Internet connection and a device connected to the network.
Not necessarily a smart TV, but also a smartphone or tablet.
The versatility of the service offered is a great strength of the platform, since Netflix is accessible from a multitude of devices.
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The voucher also allows you to watch films and series without limits alone or in company using the Netflix Party function.
Types of Netflix Gift Cards There are different types of cards depending on the amount we choose to allocate.
There are currently three solutions on the market: Gift Card worth 25 euros; Gift Card at the price of 50 euros; Gift Card up to 100 euros.
In all cases, each month Netflix will deduct the established amount from the Gift Card until the amount is used up.
To continue to have value, the card will need to be recharged.
Where to buy the Netflix Gift Card? The Netflix Gift Card can be purchased online via the Euronics and StartSelect websites using a code without having to go to a physical store.
It is also possible to buy it at the points of sale of the following distribution chains: GameStop; Unieuro; MediaWorld; Mondadori; Long S; Coop; Feltrinelli; Carrefour.
If, however, you have no way of easily reaching electronics stores, large bookshops or these supermarket chains from your area, you can purchase the Gift Card at the Lottomatica, Sisal and PuntoLis centres.
read also How to give Disney+ as a gift How to activate the Netflix gift card? Once you have purchased the Netflix gift card, simply give it to the recipient.
This person will have to scratch the silver band on the card and enter the PIN code on the Netflix website.
From the site, to activate the voucher, simply follow a few practical steps: log in to your Netflix account; click on the profile icon at the top right; click on “Account”; click on “Redeem gift card or promotional code”; enter the code on the Gift Card.
The credit is immediately deducted and you can immediately use the subscription.
Changing the selected Netflix subscription plan is possible at any time.
Netflix Gift Card Regulations In addition to the activation steps, it is good to know the Gift Card regulations to benefit from them further.
A very important thing to know is that Netflix Cards do not expire and can be used for an indefinite period.
However, the Netflix gift card is single-use, meaning it can only be applied to one account.
If you want to renew it at the end of the balance, you can share the Premium or Standard subscription with other people.
Another important note: Netflix gift cards are non-refundable.
If you revalue your gift, you can easily keep the Gift Card for yourself since, as there is no obligation to enter any name when purchasing, it can also be redeemed by the buyer himself.
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