How much does the Sanremo Festival orchestra earn?

There's very little left until the start of the 2024 Sanremo Festival.
Everything is ready at the Ariston theater where the Italian song festival will be staged from 6 to 10 February.
It will be Amadeus' last year as host and artistic director.
The well-known face of Rai has already announced that this will be his last Sanremo Festival.
Over the course of the 5 evenings he will be joined by 5 exceptional co-hosts.
During the first evening there will be Marco Mengoni.
In the second evening it will be Giorgia's turn.
Teresa Mannino will take the stage again on Thursday 8 February.
Friday 9th will be Lorella Cuccarini's turn while for the final evening Fiorello will return and will certainly liven up the evening.
There will be no shortage of international guests.
Among those already announced we find Russel Crowe and John Travolta.
Giovanni Allevi will also take to the stage, making his first public appearance after the announcement of his illness, while on the floating stage positioned on the cruise ship there will be Bob Sinclair and the return to public of Gigi D'Agostino, also for the first time after the announcement of the disease.
Alongside the show there is also what is a fundamental component of the event: we are talking about the orchestra.
Even if eliminated in recent years by the jury since they no longer vote, they remain fundamental for the correct success of the songs.
This year it will be made up of around 60 people who start working with rehearsals weeks in advance to ensure everything is flawless.
On the other hand, this year there will be 30 songs competing and learning all the melodies by heart is not easy.
The week of the Festival is very hard for the members of the orchestra, forced to do hours and hours of rehearsals before the live broadcast which, as always, ends late at night.
Then the next day I immediately wake up early for rehearsals until late afternoon.
Time to get ready and we're back on stage for the start of the evening.
Certainly being part of the Sanremo symphony orchestra is a source of pride and pride but from an economic point of view, how much does a musician earn? Certainly much less than the substantial fees of hosts and guests.
read also How much does the Sanremo Festival 2024 cost: the expenses for Rai and the revenues between advertising and tickets How much does the orchestra of the Sanremo Festival earn? Information on the remuneration of Sanremo musicians is lacking: there is no precise information and therefore one must rely to past statements.
In 2020 Livio Emanueli, former president of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation, tried to reveal some figures.
In that case we were talking about the compensation of orchestra members who are presented with a flat rate offer – therefore for all evenings – "of approximately 1,900 euros, in addition to the basic salary which ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 euros net".
For the basic salary, reference is made to the national contracts also published by Rai.
Last year, the figures were also revealed by historic conductor Beppe Vessicchio.
The maestro, who has accompanied some artists on the Ariston stage for years, revealed – even with a hint of controversy – how much a member of the Sanremo orchestra earns.
«For 5 working weeks an orchestra member from Sanremo receives 2 thousand euros net» – he said also underlining how the days for them begin very early with rehearsals which go on until at least 7 pm.
At 8.15 pm there is the call for the start of the evening that always ends late at night.
In short, many hours for a miserable flat salary.
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