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This English politician resigned because he couldn't pay his mortgage with 120,000 euros a year

The salary of a minister is clearly insufficient.
George Freeman MP announced he resigned as Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy last November because his salary was too low to pay his mortgage.
«Why did I resign? Because my mortgage was increased this month from £800 to £2,000 (or from around €930 to €2,340), which I simply couldn't afford on a minister's salary,” the 56-year-old MP told the Guardian.
When he resigned in the November 2023 reshuffle, he said it was time to "focus on (his) health, (his) family well-being and (his) life beyond command".
On his blog, the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk said he was "exhausted" and "depressed" after holding five ministerial posts under four successive prime ministers, the Mirror reported.
He also spoke of a “painful divorce” that affected his financial situation.
He is now free to accept other positions.
Deputy since 2010, George Freeman received an annual salary of 118,300 pounds gross (more than 138,000 euros), or 9,850 pounds gross per month (around 11,500 euros).
Having held a series of ministerial posts in recent Conservative governments, he has often received allowances when leaving these posts, including £7,920 (around €8,500) when he left Boris Johnson's government in July 2022, according to the Guardian.
British ministers under the age of 65 are entitled to a severance pay equal to a quarter of their ministerial salary when they leave office if they are not appointed to another ministerial post within three weeks.
In addition to his annual salary as an MP of 86,584 pounds (about 100,000 euros), George Freeman can now take on other lucrative positions, which he was not allowed as a minister.

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