How much does Emma Marrone earn: assets and career of the protagonist of Sanremo 2024

How much does Emma Marrone earn? We are talking about one of the most famous singers in Italy, from the success she had with Amici and Sanremo to her role as a judge on most important of contemporary Italian music (true forerunner of the success of talent shows).
Emma Marrone has been able to attract to herself, and to her music, growing success and a large following (despite some commercial missteps).
After acting as co-host and taking part in the 2022 edition, the artist will be competing at the 2024 Sanremo Festival with the song Apnea.
Let's retrace Emma Marrone's career and biography, paying particular attention to the economic data available to us, useful for identifying the young singer's possible earnings.
How much Emma Marrone earns: from Amici to Sanremo, all the takings Emma Marrone (born 1984, age 34) begins to make herself known as a singer thanks to Amici di Maria De Filippi (even if the singer had already participated in a talent show, Superstar Tour ).
The rise comes precisely from participation in the popular Canale 5 program in the edition aired around 2009-2019: not only did the girl win but she established herself as one of the most loved and well-known personalities of Amici, obtaining the attention of Maria De Filippi (who will contact her, in the following years, to continue collaborating with the program that gave her success).
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His first EP, Oltre, was released, which contains the song Calore.
Oltre was certified triple platinum for over 150,000 copies sold: the single was certified Platinum in 2010 with over 30,000 digital sales and reached first place in the singles chart of the same year, resulting in the 33rd best-selling single in Italy that year.
After her first album (I like it like this) comes the participation in Sanremo alongside Modà, where she ranks second: the success of the album and of the single Arriverà, offer unparalleled numbers and a shower of platinum records which certify respectively 120 thousand and 60 thousand copies sold.
The album Sarò liberà followed, another sales success, and 2012 also marked the year of victory at the Sanremo Festival with Non è l'inferno, leading to participation in Eurovision (which unfortunately proved to be among the least appreciated and discussed ever) and the album Schiena (which also consecrated her role as a singer-songwriter).
In addition to subsequently covering the role of artistic director and coach in the evening show of Amici (alongside Elisa), she was chosen as a valet by Carlo Conti for the 2015 Sanremo Festival, earning a fee of 70 thousand euros (a very low figure for Sanremo standards from which will give rise to several controversies).
Her latest album Fortuna brings her back to moderate success after the disappointing (from a commercial point of view)essere qui in 2018.
As for participation in the 2024 Sanremo Festival, the 30 competing singers should receive the usual compensation reimbursement of expenses of an amount equal to 53,000 euros.
However, the figure refers to the entire artistic project of the song, with the competing artist receiving a fixed portion of 3,000 euros.
To these must be added approximately 5,000 euros which are used to finance the duet evening.
Emma Marrone: from illness to X Factor 2020 Participation as a judge on X Factor 2020, as a judge, follows a period of real rebirth for the singer who has long been away from the spotlight.
Emma's musical career was in fact put on hold due to a major uterine operation resulting from a long-term illness (in the face of several major operations).
In this regard, Emma Marrone has always maintained a certain reserve while not hiding the difficulties linked to this particular pathology: the latest surgery she recently underwent may have finally put an end to the issue, pushing the singer towards new projects.
The charitable and philanthropic commitment in which the singer is involved also goes from this perspective.

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