How to unsubscribe from Facebook and delete an account

How to delete a Facebook account? If you are tired of this social network and no longer use it or have decided that you want to reduce your online presence, in this guide we will see how to delete your Facebook profile in a few simple steps, both from your smartphone and from your PC, and thus exit Facebook.
Deleting your Facebook profile is simple but to do so you need to know some specific steps to follow.
In any case, you should know that if you are still not sure about taking this step, the platform allows you to deactivate the account temporarily and reactivate it later.
So let's see how to delete a Facebook account, how to back up so as not to delete all our data before leaving the social network and also so as not to lose them permanently and how to continue using Messenger even after deactivation.
Deleting Facebook account: the guide How to deactivate a Facebook account temporarily How to deactivate a Facebook account from a PC How to deactivate a Facebook account from a smartphone How to delete oneself from Facebook permanently How to delete a Facebook account from a PC How to delete a Facebook account from a smartphone Deleting a Facebook account: what to avoid losing your content How to delete a Facebook Business account How to delete a stolen Facebook profile Deleting Facebook but using Messenger: is it possible? How to deactivate a Facebook account temporarily If you are still not sure you want to understand how to delete a Facebook account you should know that there is the possibility of deactivating the account temporarily.
There are, in fact, two different ways to unsubscribe from Facebook.
The first provides for only temporary deletion, while the other the deletion will be permanent, after 14 days.
So, in case you are still not sure, we recommend that you proceed with the temporary Facebook suspension first.
This way you will not be able to be tracked or tagged by other users, but you will be able to log back in at any time.
How to deactivate a Facebook account from PC How to exit Facebook? If you have a PC you can proceed to deactivate your Facebook account from your browser.
To temporarily deactivate your Facebook profile from your PC you will need to: click on your profile picture at the top right of Facebook; select “Settings and privacy”, then click on “Settings”; click on “Account Management Center” at the top left of the screen; click on “Personal Details” in “Account Settings”; click on “Account Ownership and Control”; click on “Deactivation or deletion”; choose the account or profile you want to deactivate; select “Deactivate account”; click Continue, then follow the instructions to confirm.
Your account will be disabled and your name and photos will be removed from most content you have shared.
However, you could continue to use Messenger.
From this moment you are no longer on Facebook.
However, to reactivate your profile, simply log back in at any time by entering your credentials.
How to deactivate a Facebook account from a smartphone If you don't have a PC or it's more convenient for you to proceed from an app on a smartphone, you can do it.
The procedure is almost identical to that indicated for proceeding from the browser.
Here's how to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account from your smartphone: open the Facebook app; click on your profile picture icon at the top right; open Settings; at the beginning of the screen you should see the account management center and the words "See more in the account management center" (alternatively scroll down to the "Your Facebook information" item); once you enter the management center, tap on "Personal details"; tap Account ownership and control and Deactivation and deletion; choose the account you want to deactivate; select "Deactivate account".
How to delete yourself from Facebook permanently As confirmation of your identity, Facebook will ask you to enter your password, after which the social network will notify you of the success of the operation through a message.
If you change your mind, you have 14 days before your profile is permanently deleted, so you will have a few days to cancel the operation.
To cancel the deletion procedure from Facebook and reactivate your profile, simply log in to Facebook by entering your credentials before the 14 days expire.
How to delete a Facebook account from PC To permanently delete your Facebook account from PC you will have to follow the same procedure indicated to temporarily delete the account from PC.
With one difference: once you get to the end you will have to click on "Delete account" instead of "Deactivate account".
The procedure is definitive, therefore, if you are undecided you should not proceed, otherwise you will never be able to go back.
If, however, you are convinced of your decision, you are ready to permanently delete your Facebook account.
How to delete a Facebook account from a smartphone Even as regards the smartphone procedure, to permanently delete your account all you have to do is follow the same procedure indicated in the previous paragraph dedicated to temporarily deactivating the smartphone account.
The only difference is the final step.
Once the account management center is open you will need to: select “Personal Details”, “Account Ownership and Control” and “Deactivation and Deletion”; choose the “Delete account” option instead of “Deactivate account” to make the deletion permanent.
Deleting Facebook account: what to do so as not to lose your contents.
If you decide to delete your account we recommend that you delete all of your data contained and collected in the social network.
Of course, in most cases these are very important memories and therefore it would be a shame to lose them.
To avoid losing all your data you will need to back up.
To start saving private data contained on Facebook you will have to follow these simple instructions: open the "Settings"; tap on “Your information on Facebook” and then on “download your information”; choose a date range to select the time period from which you intend to download data”; choose the format (html or json); select the quality of multimedia content (high, medium and low); click on "Create file" and wait for the copy of the requested information to be completed: you will then receive a link with which to download all the information contained on Facebook.
Once you have started the operation you may have to wait a few days.
You can tick which data to save and which not, creating different files and making the process easier.
After saving the data on your PC, you are ready to delete it from Facebook.
In this case, however, you will have to proceed individually for each piece of information.
For example, if you want to delete your personal information you will have to connect to your personal profile page and select “Update information” (you will find it under the cover photo).
Subsequently, a page will open containing all your personal information (school attended, name of girlfriend, place of work).
You can delete this information individually by clicking on the "Edit" button located next to it.
Instead, to delete photos you will have to go to the dedicated section and click on the "Album" tab.
By selecting the gear icon you can delete each album individually and consequently all the photos inside it.
After you have done all these operations and your Facebook profile no longer contains any personal data, you are ready to delete it.
How to delete a Facebook Business account If you have a Business account and want to delete it but don't know how, you should know that it's very easy.
You can proceed directly from the Facebook account management center, where you can manage and delete all your business and personal accounts.
Alternatively you can proceed by following these steps: open Business Manager Settings; click on “About Business Manager”; click on “Permanently delete Business Manager account” and follow the on-screen instructions.
To ensure the security of each Business Manager account, deletion of your account will remain pending for 24 hours.
After 24 hours, deleted accounts cannot be recovered.
How to Delete Stolen Facebook Profile If your Facebook profile has been hacked or compromised, it is critical to act quickly to restore your security and protect your personal information.
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If the hacker has changed your credentials, accessing your profile and deleting your Facebook account without a password will be impossible.
In this case, you will need to visit the appropriate support page and try to restore your account with the options made available by Facebook itself.
Facebook will run its diagnostics and ask you to authenticate in order to access your account.
If the credentials have not been changed, the password must be changed immediately.
To do this, both from a smartphone and a PC, you need to: open the account management center from the settings; click on Password and Security in the drop-down menu on the left; click on Change password.Delete Facebook but use Messenger: is it possible? You should know that if you have temporarily deactivated your Facebook account, you can still continue to use Messenger without this requiring your Facebook account to be reactivated.
To do this, all you have to do is log in to Messenger with your credentials in the app or through the browser.
On the contrary, if you have permanently deleted your account you will no longer be able to use Messenger.
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