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With what income or salary can you remain in the protected electricity and gas market

The obligation to move from the protected market to the free one, scheduled for January 2024 for gas and April of the same year for electricity, does not apply to everyone: there are exemption conditions, both based on age or to the state of health, as for income.
The legislation, in fact, allows those who find themselves "in economically disadvantaged conditions" to remain in the protected market, thus continuing to benefit from more convenient tariffs.
There are various factors that can determine whether a family finds itself in such a circumstance, but as specified by Arera (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment), in this case the same criteria are used with which it is assessed whether a family unit has entitled or not to bonuses on the bill.
Looking at the requirements for access to the aforementioned bonuses, we can therefore answer the question of how much one must earn, or rather what is the income not to be exceeded, to be entitled to the benefit which allows one to remain in the protected electricity and gas market without having to worry about deadlines and the transfer to the free market or at most to the service with gradual protections.
Who is entitled to social bonuses on the bill Today social bonuses on the bill are due for a situation of both economic and physical hardship.
Here we must focus on the first point, analyzing the situations that according to Arera cause a family to be recognized as economically disadvantaged and thus entitled to a discount on the bill.
In detail, the citizen to whom the supply is registered must, alternatively, belong to a family unit to be in a condition of economic hardship: with an ISEE indicator not exceeding 9,530 euros; with at least 4 dependent children (large family) and ISEE indicator not exceeding 20 thousand euros; holder of Citizenship Income or Citizenship Pension (expiring in 2024).
In reality today the income limit within which to be entitled to the bonus is 15 thousand euros, 30 thousand euros in the case of larger families: however, this condition expires after the first quarter of 2024.
In fact, much for the free gas market, as for electricity, it will be necessary to look at the requirements indicated by the aforementioned list (therefore an ISEE between 9,530 euros and 20,000 euros) for a long-term solution.
Anyone who meets the aforementioned conditions, therefore, is entitled to a bonus on the bill which is automatically paid by the energy supplier, as well as can continue to be served under the regulated conditions of the free market.
ISEE 2024 to remain in the free market To analyze the income situation of the family unit, therefore, the ISEE is used (where the earnings received two years before the presentation of the DSU are taken into consideration, one year before in the case of the current ISEE) .
Consequently, to remain in the free electricity and gas market it will be necessary to first request the ISEE 2024, which is possible as early as next January: after which, if the certificate is less than 9,530 euros, 20 thousand euros for those with a very large family with at least 4 dependent children, the time can be brought forward by directly asking the energy supplier to continue the supply at the price and conditions envisaged in the greater protection regime.
To do this, simply fill in and send a self-certification with which you declare that you are below the income thresholds that give the right to remain in the protected market: it is worth underlining that there are two models, one for electricity and the more for gas.
Obviously it is important to declare the truth, otherwise the risk of a false self-certification could be more serious than the increase in the bill resulting from the transition to the free market.
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