Why Pakistan is deporting 1.7 million Afghans

What's happening on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan? While the whole world is focused on the war between Israel and Hamas, a conflict that has overshadowed the increasingly bloody one between Russia and Ukraine, a new tragedy is taking place in the heart of Asia.
Pakistan and Afghanistan share over 2,600 kilometers of border, a line that in recent years has been crossed several times by civilians fleeing from Kabul due to the Soviet occupation and American bombs first, then the civil war and finally the return of the Taliban.
In total, it is estimated that 3.7 million Afghans have been living in Pakistan for years, with migration starting in the 1970s and then accelerating after the chaos that was generated in the country following the terrorist attack of 11 September.
In recent times some terrorist attacks have also occurred in Pakistan; the Kathmandu government blamed the Afghans for these actions, declaring that the irregulars are a threat to the country.
These attacks occurred along the border between the two countries and, according to the Pakistani government, they were perpetrated by the Taliban with the help of some irregular Afghans.
read also Taliban: who they are and what they want Pakistan and Afghanistan, what is happening At the beginning of October the Pakistani Interior Ministry decided that all the irregular Afghans – it is estimated to be around 1.7 million, then there are 800,000 refugees and 1, 3 million asylum seekers present in Pakistan were supposed to leave the country by November 1st.
Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti thus invited the irregulars to return to Afghanistan, otherwise starting from November they would have been arrested and then expelled: to be able to stay you now need to be in possession of a valid visa and no longer just a passport.
Once the deadline of November 1st expired, the Pakistani police began to carry out Minister Bugti's "orders", arresting all Afghans who did not have their documents in order: in the first few days alone, 4,000 people were stopped.
According to Save the Children, in recent weeks 120,000 Afghans present in Pakistan have returned to their homeland, with the fate of all the others appearing to be sealed: either they cross the border of their own volition or they will be arrested and repatriated.
Precisely the fear of arrest would have pushed the first irregulars to return to Afghanistan, a country where the Taliban are now once again in command and where there is a very serious humanitarian crisis underway, also aggravated by the recent earthquakes.
At the moment only some humanitarian associations have protested against this deportation carried out by Pakistan, but silence reigns on the part of the embassies and palaces.

Author: Hermes A.I.

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