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Free energy market scams, what to do to avoid increases in your bill

The end of the protected energy market is now upon us, liberalization is scheduled for 10 January 2024 for gas and 1 April 2024 for electricity.
In recent months, users have been scrambling to find convenient contracts, even if in most cases the mechanism is the opposite.
It is more often the supply services (serious or presumed) that contact potential customers, offering new contracts and attractive rates.
Unfortunately, it is not always honest marketing, taking advantage of this favorable period, misleading or even aggressive calls are becoming more and more frequent.
It is increasingly difficult for consumers to orient themselves, so much so that the Antitrust has drawn up – naturally together with Arera – a real guide to protect themselves from telephone bill scams.
All as part of the "Defend yourself like this" campaign.
So let's see what are the most useful tips for defending yourself and protecting yourself from scams on the free energy market, avoiding unwanted contract changes and increases in your bill.
How to protect yourself from bill increases and scams Identifying the call center It is not mandatory to conclude the contract by telephone There is no risk of running out of energy supplies There is no rush The offer portal There are no penalties for those who do not make the switch in time Check the final price Check the contract It is possible to think again How to protect yourself from unsolicited contracts The consumer protection desk Antitrust Identification of the call center To begin with, remember to ask the telephone operator you contact for commercial purposes to identify themselves.
In fact, the consumer has the right to know the name of the sales company and the purpose of the call.
In this regard, the handbook underlines that no Authority, Agency or public body calls end customers to activate contracts.
It is not mandatory to conclude the contract by telephone.
The Consumer Code provides that the consumer's confirmation in written form is necessary for the conclusion of the contract.
However, for the conclusion of the contract by telephone, the user's express consent is required, which must be kept by the company and demonstrable in the event of disputes.
Consequently, it is not mandatory to conclude the contract by telephone.
By remembering this, you avoid pressure and haste, but above all you can verify the contractual proposal with more calm and attention.
There is no risk of being left without energy supplies.
To avoid falling for particularly aggressive proposals, please remember that no consumer risks being left without energy supplies suddenly and above all without his will.
Furthermore, it is not even mandatory to change the current contract.
There is no rush From the previous points, it is clear that there is no rush to conclude the contract by telephone and in a short time, regardless of what the operators say.
Potential customers have the right to ask for all the information regarding the offer and indeed, it is usually the professionals themselves who explain everything promptly and clearly.
Already the refusal or reticence in providing the requested information is a potential indication of fraud, or at least lack of professionalism.
It is good practice to request documentation in written form, for better verification.
Furthermore, as regards gas and electricity, the seller is required to make the comparability sheet and the summary sheet available.
The offers portal Through the Arera offers portal it is possible to freely make comparisons on the proposed offers, so as to evaluate the convenience or usefulness of new supplies or contractual proposals.
There are no sanctions for those who do not make the transition in time.
A further piece of advice to avoid haste and pressure concerns the transition to the free market: there is no penalty for those who do not make the transition in time, but an automatic transition.
Check the final price The price communicated over the phone or in advertisements often causes misunderstandings.
This is not the final price, but only a part, usually including the costs of marketing and purchasing the energy.
Certainly this is the main portion of the price, but it is always good to check the final cost, the services included and any changes over time.
Check the contract If the contract is concluded by telephone, it is advisable to check the Economic Supply Conditions (Cte), which must be sent upon confirmation of the contractual conclusion.
Confirmation and acceptance of the offer must always be made available to the user, possibly also with the credentials to access the web portal.
It is possible to change your mind Even after the conclusion of the contract, after the appropriate checks, it is possible to exercise a right to change your mind.
Within 14 days it is possible to request the cancellation of the contract stipulated by telephone, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the company.
How to protect yourself from unsolicited contracts Unfortunately, it also happens that you receive new bills for sales companies even though no changes or activations have been made.
In these cases, you must contact the supplier with a written complaint requesting proof of consent to the change.
Victims of unsolicited activations are obviously exempt from payment, as provided for in Article 66 quinquies of the Consumer Code.
The consumer protection desk Please remember that for any type of doubt you can contact the consumer protection desk made available by Arera.
The Antitrust To report incorrect behaviour, unsolicited activations, misleading advertising or alleged scams, you must send a report to the Antitrust by completing the online form or by sending a certified email or a registered letter to the Guarantor Authority.
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