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Atlantica Digital grows stronger in IoT thanks to Kepler

Atlantica Digital SpA, a company active in the development of IoT, AI, Blockchain applications and remote control systems, has announced the acquisition of the Kepler software platform, a strategic step that promises to further consolidate its position in the ever-growing Internet sector of Things (IoT).
This move, part of the strategy to accelerate Digital Transformation and promote eco-sustainability, sees Kepler integrate into Atlantica's digital ecosystem.
With a focus on innovative IoT applications, the company aims to bring new frontiers in the provision of advanced services for businesses and citizens.
Since 2022, Atlantica Digital has been part of the Smart4 Engineering Group, which manages a network of companies specializing in ICT and digitalisation with 3,000 employees in Italy and Europe.
In Italy, Partner and Group CFO of Smart4 Engineering is Carlo Torino.
The role of Kepler The Kepler platform is a catalyst for access, analysis and advanced modeling of enterprise data within the Internet of Things.
Designed to manage maintenance, energy monitoring and production, Kepler represents a revolutionary tool that goes further, supporting the servitization process.
This means that companies can transform their business by selling services based on internally produced goods, such as leasing.
Its web-based architecture and ease of use make it accessible to both managerial and highly specialized users, allowing for extensive customizations and complex logic implementations.
The acquisition of Kepler by Atlantica Digital represents a significant leap in the IoT solutions sector in Italy.
In 2022, the Italian IoT market recorded a growth of 13%, reaching a value of 8.3 billion euros according to data from the Polytechnic University of Milan.
Atlantica Digital's IoT solution, combined with Kepler software, is designed with the aim of enhancing environmental sustainability in production processes and improving people's safety.
In this context, the Internet of Things emerges as one of the most effective solutions for optimizing production cycles, services and infrastructures.
This approach aims to reduce the consumption of energy resources, while simultaneously ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the highest workplace safety standards.
Atlantic and Kepler together for sustainable IoT Atlantica Digital's IoT solution, already successfully used by companies in the utilities and machinery and vehicle production sectors, now finds a powerful ally in Kepler.
The platform manages secure and encrypted communications, integrating with CyberSecurity services to protect field devices from hacker attacks.
This synergy aims not only to strengthen Atlantica's position in the IoT sector but also to contribute to the broader goal of environmental sustainability and human safety.
“We are very satisfied with this acquisition,” says Pierre Levy, CEO of Atlantica, “because it fully fits into our investment strategy aimed at accelerating Digital Transformation and supporting eco-sustainability.
This operation has allowed us to integrate a strategic asset into our digital environment that opens new frontiers in the provision of services and advanced functions dedicated to businesses and citizens", concludes Levy.
“The acquisition of Kepler is part of a context of growth of the Group on the Italian market with the aim, thanks to the historic presence of Atlantica, of increasing the product portfolio and the range of strategic assets of the SM4 group in a logic of scalability” .
says Carlo Torino, Partner and Group Italy CFO of Smart4 Engineering.

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