Carnival 2024, start date, Thursday and Shrove Tuesday: the calendar

We are approaching Carnival which, precisely because of its relationship with Easter, is a moveable celebration.
This means that there is no fixed date that opens the celebrations, but rather the dates change from year to year.
The most important days are undoubtedly Shrove Thursday and Shrove Tuesday, which last year fell on February 16th and February 21st respectively.
When Carnival 2024 begins and ends The Carnival period brings joy and fun for adults and children, but when you think about the dates it is understandable to be a little confused.
Not only is Carnival a moveable celebration, but there are also two types of rites: The Ambrosian rite.
The Roman rite.
The Ambrosian rite is a liturgical rite belonging to the Archdiocese of Milan, which presents numerous differences compared to the Roman rite, which is widespread throughout the rest of the country.
In addition to changing the liturgical vestments and cassocks, the dates that mark the Carnival are also different, in particular: start of Carnival 2024 Sunday 28 January Shrove Thursday 8 February Carnival Sunday 11 February Shrove Tuesday 13 February Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent) on 14 February Shrove Saturday or Ambrosian Carnival on 17 February It is clear that the Milanese Carnival lasts longer, in fact in the rest of Italy the celebrations end on Shrove Tuesday.
According to the Ambrosian rite, however, the most joyful and characteristic celebrations take place on the occasion of the Carnival on Shrove Saturday, just when, according to the Roman rite, Lent has already begun.
This liturgical rite is however limited to specific areas of the nation, mainly to the provinces of: Milan; Monza; Varese; Lecco Como; Varese.
The other municipalities instead follow the Roman rite, so in all other Italian areas the 2023 Carnival will take place according to these dates: Fat Thursday on 8 February.
Carnival Sunday on February 11th.
Shrove Tuesday on February 13th.
Why Carnival does not have a fixed date The reason why Carnival dates are variable is due to the correlation with the Easter holiday, which is equally mobile.
The Carnival holiday, according to Christian tradition, anticipates Lent, which in turn precedes Easter.
The latter falls on the first Sunday following the full moon following the spring equinox (which the Catholic Church has conventionally set at March 21).
This celebration, however, is preceded by the period of Lent, the beginning of which marks the end of Carnival.
The Roman Carnival, consequently, always ends 40 days before Easter, i.e.
Ash Wednesday (this year on February 14th).
The official start of Carnival, which has nothing to do with the classic masked celebrations, falls 70 days before Easter.
The so-called Septuagesima for 2024 will be February 17.
The celebrations in Italy Regardless of the liturgical differences, Carnival is truly heartfelt in Italy, where various cities are characterized by typical and picturesque celebrations.
The celebrations of Venice and Viareggio are certainly the first to come to mind, but there are many other cities with a strong carnival spirit.
The Cento Carnival, for example, is even twinned with the Rio Carnival, while in Fano the Carnival tradition has been carried on since 1347.
This year, however, the Venice Carnival takes on greater importance than usual.
In 2024, in fact, the holiday is dedicated to Marco Polo.
In any case, most cities have a very ancient tradition of celebrations, still kept alive today to recall typical uses and customs, but also the most salient moments of popular history.
In Ronchiglione, for example, the festival begins with the Cavalcade of the Hussars, recalling the defense of the Papal State.
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