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How much will pensions over 75 increase in 2024?

As is known, pensions will increase in 2024, however for those over 75 who have an allowance whose amount is less than the minimum payment there is no good news.
Although the pension will be higher than what was received this year, the difference is minimal as the extraordinary increase applied in 2023 is cut.
We remind you, in fact, that this year for pensions equal to or lower than the minimum payment – equal to 567.94 euros (amount updated in December 2023 as communicated by the INPS message no.
4050/2023) – the Meloni government has authorized an extraordinary increase of 1.5%, which rose to 6.4% for those over 75.
This has meant that in 2023 the maximum amount of the minimum pension for those aged at least 75 can reach a maximum of 604.28 euros.
In 2024 the extraordinary revaluation on minimum pensions will continue to be recognized, to a greater extent but without distinction for the over 75s.
And for this reason, as we will see below, the difference between what is received in 2024 compared to 2023 will be limited compared to other pensioners .
How much will the minimum pension increase for the over 75s in 2024? For 2024, a pension revaluation rate of 5.4% has been made official: this means that the minimum pension threshold will rise to 598.60 euros.
Below this threshold you will be entitled to the supplement to the minimum salary – i.e.
the increase necessary to ensure that the pension reaches at least the minimum amount – but only if the conditions are met.
After that, a one-off extraordinary increase of 2.7% of the amount is also due, while the extraordinary increase of 6.4% for the over 75s was not confirmed by the 2024 Budget law.
For everyone, not just for the overs 75, the minimum pension can rise to a maximum of 614.76 euros, therefore just 10 euros more than this year.
Much less than what was expected, with the government – especially on the Forza Italia side – having set the bar at at least 700 euros per month, so as to get closer to the 1,000 euros that had been promised by Silvio Berlusconi.
If the 6.4% increase had been confirmed, however, the minimum pension threshold would have risen to 636.91 euros.
The difference is even smaller for those who have a very low pension and do not benefit from the minimum wage supplement.
Let's think, for example, of a 75-year-old elderly person who in 2023 receives a 300 euro pension which, thanks to the extraordinary increase of 6.4%, has risen to 319.20 euros.
In 2024, as a result of the revaluation, from 300 euros it will rise to 316.20 euros; adding the extraordinary increase of 2.7% we arrive at 324.73 euros, therefore approximately 8.50 euros more than this year.
Other increases for "over" pensioners We would like to remind you, however, that there are other increases which, over the years, are recognized to those whose allowance is less than the minimum salary.
Increases which, unlike the extraordinary increase, are applied only upon request of the pensioner.
In detail, the first is due upon reaching the age of 60: it has an amount of 25.83 euros.
After that, upon reaching the age of 65, the amount increases to 82.64 euros.
Finally, upon reaching the age of 70 there is the so-called increase to the million, of an amount equal to 136.44 euros reduced to 124.44 euros for fourteenth-income earners.
This increase can already be applied before the age of 70, as for every 5 years of contributions (up to a maximum of 25 years), the age requirement is reduced by one year.
In the best case scenario, therefore, the increase is already due at 65 years of age.
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