Elezioni amministrative 2024

Verbania 2024 Municipal Elections: Date, Candidates, Parties, and Polls

Elections in Verbania 2024: An Overview

In preparation for the municipal elections in Verbania 2024, the political scene is heating up, gearing towards a unique event where the local elections will coincide with the European and regional elections in Piemonte, reminiscent of a past “election day” experience five years ago.

The current center-left mayor, Silvia Marchionni, having completed her two consecutive terms, will not be eligible for re-election.
To select their candidate for the upcoming elections, the Democratic Party has opted for primaries scheduled for March 17th.
The contenders include Culture Councillor Riccardo Brezza and Chiara Fornara, the director of the Verbano Social Services Consortium.

On the other side, the center-right is likely to support Giandomenico Albertella, who narrowly lost in the 2019 runoff.
However, Forza Italia seems inclined to run independently with Mirella Cristina as their candidate, alongside Michael Immovilli entering the race.

Key Dates and Candidates

The elections in Verbania will coincide with the European elections on June 8th and 9th, with voting taking place from 15:00 to 23:00 on Saturday and from 7:00 to 23:00 on Sunday.
In case of a runoff, it will occur on June 23rd and 24th.

Verbania follows a majority system for electing the mayor and a proportional method for councilors.
Should no candidate secure an absolute majority, a runoff between the top two contenders will take place, with the older candidate prevailing in case of a tie.

To ensure a stable majority, the winning mayoral candidate’s affiliated lists will receive 60% of the seats, while the rest will be allocated proportionally using the D’Hondt method.
A total of 32 councilors, excluding the mayor, will be elected, with a 3% vote threshold for party lists.

Candidates and Support

Six candidates are running for mayor in Verbania 2024, supported by various coalitions.
The center-left incumbent aims to maintain power, facing a diverse center-right challenge.

In the recent primaries, Riccardo Brezza secured the Democratic Party’s nomination, with M5S joining the coalition.
The center-right field features Mirella Cristina as the main candidate, alongside other contenders.

Polls and Projections

Early March polls suggest a tight race, with the Democratic Party leading the pack.
Projected scenarios indicate a favorable outcome for the center-left coalition if they rally behind a unified candidate.

As the election fervor mounts, Verbania anticipates an exciting electoral season, with the convergence of various political forces shaping the city’s future.

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