Why the USA is ready for war: there is no turning back in Israel

The USA would be ready to go to war given that, overseas, it is now a widespread belief that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is destined to widen, involving Hezbollah and probably also Syria and Iraq.
On Friday, shortly before the start of the massive operation of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, there was a conversation between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, all to make a sort of point of the war situation.
As the website Axios reported in the United States, according to both American and Israeli sources, Joe Biden "is preparing for the possibility that the war between Israel and Hamas will expand into the Middle East." The concern would be that of "an increase in attacks against Israel from Lebanon, by Hezbollah, supported by Iran", but "Syria and Iraq where US structures and personnel are present" would also be observed with great attention.
In recent days the White House authorized the bombing of some positions in Syria to hit armed groups which, in the previous days, had launched rockets towards some American bases located in the Middle East.
The war between Israel and Hamas seems to have reached a point of no return, with an escalation that appears to be inevitable when Tel Aviv troops launch their decisive assault on the Gaza Strip.
read also What are the warships in the Mediterranean and where are they deployed Does the USA enter the war? The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has several other actors ready to take off the roles of extras to take on the much more challenging ones of the protagonists.
Those who are now involved in the conflict in no uncertain terms are the Lebanese Hezbollah who, in practice since last October 7, have also been waging war against the Jewish state.
Then there is Iran, a true guest of stone in this war, initially accused of having been the long arm behind Hamas's unprecedented attack on Israel.
In Syria and Iraq, however, several groups are active and have also attempted to attack Israeli territory.
In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the United States has deployed an impressive amount of resources and men, all to act as a sort of deterrent against Iran and Hezbollah in the hope of keeping them out of the conflict.
Now, however, the belief would be diametrically opposite to the initial hopes: the war will spread and, if Hezbollah were to begin insistently bombing Israel, at that point the US would be unlikely to avoid intervening.
US Vice President Kamala Harris, however, reiterated that the US "has no intention or plan to send combat troops to Israel or Gaza".
However, the military maneuvers underway make us understand how the USA is already ready for any eventuality.
The event that could push Hezbollah to break all delay is that of a massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip where, in recent weeks, more than 3,000 minors and over 2,000 women have died.
The risk would thus not only be that of a regional war but a global one, without forgetting the conflict between Ukraine and Russia which has now been going on for over 600 days: once again everything appears to be in the hands of the United States, the only power that can still attempt a mediation with Israel as long as the epilogue of this umpteenth hell in the Holy Land has not already been written for some time.

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