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What we know about the new US nuclear bomb

For the world's largest nations, constantly working on new military technologies is very important to assert their supremacy.
There is no doubt that with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine there has been a return to arrogant talk of the nuclear arsenal that powers such as Russia, the United States and China possess.
Millions of investments are underway to improve their weapons and among those who invest the most we find the United States.
The US recently published a report on a new nuclear bomb it is working on that is much more powerful and has truly devastating consequences.
Here's what we know about it.
A power 30 times greater than that dropped on Hiroshima.
The new nuclear bomb the USA is working on is the B61-13 and is the updated version of the previous model with important improvements both in precision but above all in power.
The new model is apparently 30 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.
It also has great precision which allows it to hit particularly reinforced structures such as underground strategic command and control centers.
The new B61-13 bomb would be transportable by modern aircraft and would give the President of the United States the possibility of having an additional option available against enemies and difficult military targets.
The new model would replace some of the B61-7s in the current nuclear arsenal and have a similar yield to that of the B61-7, which is higher than that of the B61-12.
According to the report, it can be set to explode with varying degrees of force.
The highest has a power of between 340 and 360 kilotons.
We are talking about a power 30 times greater than that of Hiroshima.
A power of 360 kilotons would have devastating effects.
An explosion of this kind carried out on the city of Rome would spread as far as Ciampino, just to give an example.
The new nuclear bomb would be the second political weapon in the hands of the United States of all time.
The first was the low-yield W76-2 warhead deployed in late 2019 on Trident submarines.
The United States is one of the countries with the largest number of tactical atomic bombs in stock: there are around 200 of them which represent only a small part of the nuclear arsenal which, according to the latest numbers updated to 2023, reaches 5,244 warheads.
Russia continues exercises Meanwhile, exercises have been carried out in Russia to test the country's response to an enemy nuclear attack.
Missiles from sea, air and land were used under the supervision of Vladimir Putin to understand the response of the Russian military apparatus.
These are annual exercises as occurred last year too.
A test which however this time fell on a rather interesting date.
Not only on the day of the twentieth month of the start of the conflict but also on the day in which the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian Parliament, approved the revocation of the ratification of the Treaty on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban (CTBT).
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