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Why Italy did not vote for the UN resolution on the truce in Gaza

After the nights of bombing in the Gaza Strip with the Israeli army entering and launching an attack against Hamas, the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York voted on a resolution calling for a humanitarian truce, immediate, lasting and prolonged in the conflict.
A resolution that was obviously not liked by Israel, convinced that it was in the right given that it was attacked and is defending itself, but which was instead welcomed by Hamas and the Palestinians.
Our country has decided to abstain from voting for it for a very specific reason, as explained by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.
Here's which one.
Italy abstained from voting on the UN resolution on Gaza: here's why Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani explained that Italy decided not to vote on the UN resolution on the truce because there was no reference to condemning what had been committed by Hamas last October 7 and Israel's right to defend itself.
This absence «did not make the resolution balanced.
Israel suffered a very severe attack, newborn babies were slaughtered and beheaded, horrible crimes were committed against the Israeli civilian population and this was not well underlined", Tajani's words.
The Foreign Minister then gave the good news that the 14 Italians held hostage by Hamas are well.
They have been contacted and are in an area near the Rafah crossing, where there is no fighting or explosions.
The Government's intention is to get them out of there as quickly as possible.
Words to which Giorgia Meloni also linked who considered the decision not to take sides either for or against the most balanced.
The Prime Minister reiterated Italy's intention to work towards a de-escalation and the exit of the Italian hostages from the Gaza Strip.
The abstention «was the most balanced of the possible positions, and it is no coincidence that it was the of most of the countries of the European Council, of the European countries and of those of the G7.
We are trying to maintain the balance, and both the vote for and against would have been votes that moved Italy from the position it is holding.
It was right to keep the position more balanced with respect to the objective of preventing an escalation of the conflict, the most responsible thing that can be done now", his words.
Oppositions disagree The Italian government's choice to abstain from voting on the UN resolution on the truce in Gaza was not welcomed very willingly by the opposition parties.
Elly Sclein, secretary of the Democratic Party, said it was a mistake not to support the UN resolution: "France, Spain and Portugal did well by voting in favour," she said.
The leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, is of the same opinion and wrote on Facebook: «Peace requires a straight back and courage, not the weakness and cowardice of a Government which, with a Pilatesque decision, demonstrates that it considers the suffering of civilians a dramatic but inevitable 'side effect' of the war." read also War Israel – Hamas, the hell of Gaza: live coverage of what is happening

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