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Teacher's card 500 euros, more and more precarious workers can get it: the sentence

The teacher's card, the 500 euro bonus, must be extended to all temporary substitute teachers.
A ruling from the Court of Cassation decreed the possibility of expanding the number of beneficiaries of the 500 euro teacher card bonus among the school's temporary workers.
The ruling represents a victory for many substitute teachers included in the provincial substitute teacher rankings (Gps) obtained by the lawyers of the Anief trade union, as it communicated in an official note.
The teaching card, previously granted exclusively to tenured teachers with permanent contracts, has recently been recognized with Law 10 August 2023 n.
103 conversion of the legislative decree of 13 June 2023, n.
69 also to temporary workers with a fixed-term contract as of 31 August – now awaiting payment of the 500 euro bonus which could arrive in November – however leaving out those who have obtained or are obtaining a contract as of 30 June.
The Supreme Court of Cassation now rules to extend the 500 euro teacher's card also to substitute teachers who fall into the latter category.
Teacher's card, 500 euro bonus for temporary workers with contracts as of 30 June: the ruling The victory for temporary workers with contracts as of 30 June comes with the ruling of the Supreme Court which also extends the 500 euro bonus to them, the teacher's card already recognized in those who have a contract as of August 31st.
Law no.
103 grants the teacher's card starting from 1 September to teachers who obtain an annual contract in the 2023/2024 school year, but as Anief communicates, those who have obtained a contract on 30 June will now also be able to request it.
After this decision, which takes up a similar case brought to the Court of Justice of the European Union also by Anief lawyers – comments Marcello Pacifico, national president of the union – even the 150 thousand substitute teachers will be able to ask for the bonus through free appeals until the end of their teaching activities promoted by our union.
The recognition of the 500 euro bonus will therefore not be automatic for teachers with contracts as of 30 June, but they will have greater opportunities to obtain it after the Supreme Court ruling, by proceeding with an appeal.
Anief writes: Furthermore, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, the over 150 thousand teachers hired until June 30 will now be able to appeal to Anief to obtain payment for the teacher's card and all arrears for contracts stipulated in the last 5 years.
Marcello Pacifico concludes: This is an important victory confirming the need to remove any form of salary discrimination between tenured teachers and teachers hired until the end of their teaching activities.
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There are teachers, in fact, who work for an entire school year or a little less, even with positions obtained from the institute rankings and with successive extensions, without being entitled to the 500 euro bonus.
Substitutes who, for example, cover teachers due to illness, leave of absence or maternity leave and who are not entitled to obtain additional recognition also for their growth and training.
Anief communicates, in any case, that it is proposing appeals to access the teacher bonus not only for contracts until 30 June, but also for substitute contracts until the end of lessons or less.
The possibility of obtaining the teacher's card, therefore, is given only and exclusively with a single or collective appeal through a union except for teachers with contracts as of 31 August who, we remind you, receive the 500 euro bonus by law, at least for 2023, like tenured teachers.
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