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Why Giorgia Meloni left Andrea Giambruno

It's official.
Giorgia Meloni announced her separation from her partner Andrea Giambruno, with whom the story would have come to an end several months ago, as reported by the prime minister on social media.
According to rumours, the relationship between Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno for 10 years was compromised for some time and not only, at least for the prime minister, for the various out of place comments from the journalist and presenter of the Tg4 column "Diario del giorno" broadcast on Rete 4.
The announcement, however, has perfect timing, given that in these days Striscia la Notizia showed some of Giambruno's off-air comments that could have embarrassed – and put the prime minister in difficulty.
And while some rumors – spread by Fabrizio Corona – would like Giorgia Meloni already engaged in a flirtation with Manlio Messina, deputy of the Brothers of Italy, the Prime Minister, who headed to Egypt in person to attend the peace summit Israel-Palestine reiterated that he will not tolerate comments about his family, which, let's face it, has nothing traditional about it.
But what are the reasons that pushed Giorgia Meloni to leave her partner? Between sexual harassment and damage to one's image, it is appropriate to clarify.
read also American relief on Italian debt: the move tested by the rating Why did Giorgia Meloni leave Andrea Giambruno? Meloni greeted the end of her love story with Andrea Gianbruno in a post in which she specified that the relationship had actually ended "months before".
A relationship and a "friendship" that the Prime Minister wants to "protect at all costs", especially for her daughter Ginevra.
The post does not complain or deny anything about the relationship that began and failed in a television studio.
It is impossible not to notice, however, that after the victim blaming regarding the rape in Palermo, the embarrassing comment in which he described immigration to Europe as a transhumance, Meloni's decision to formalize the end of the relationship with Gianbruno has a perfect timing.
A report from Striscia la Notizia immortalized the host of Rete 4's Diario del Giorno uttering harassing phrases and sexual innuendos during off-air conversations.
These behaviors – let's remember – are considered true sexual harassment, as defined by Art.
26 Legislative Decree.
198/2006 which defines harassment as all those "unwanted behaviors carried out for reasons related to sex with the aim or effect of violating the dignity of a worker and of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading or offensive climate" .
Therefore, insinuations, ambiguous comments, caresses and continuous sexual innuendos are also considered sexual harassment.
read also Sexual violence and harassment: difference and how they are punished Meloni's decision to leave Andrea Gianbruno at this time is therefore also an attempt to stem the damage to his image, given that other videos could soon be released on Giambruno's behavior in the studio, and send a political signal to his allies and adversaries, as can be seen from the last lines of the post.
What is perplexing is that if the prime minister's rupture was discussed in the media, not many words were spent regarding the real seriousness of Gianbruno's actions – actions that could constitute a crime.
A political and media silence that was filled by the foreign press.
The Fake news on Giorgia Meloni's new relationship And while the prime minister was elaborating the end of her relationship, making it official with a communication, there were already rumors of an alleged flirtation between the prime minister and her colleague Manlio Messina, deputy of the Brothers of Italy.
News given by Fabrizio Corona, but immediately denied by the politician.
The 49-year-old former councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment of the Sicilian Region, who now sits in Montecitorio with FdI, declared that he personally called Corona himself, who confirmed that the news is false.
News that currently takes its toll.
Given that the prime minister finds herself having to face extremely relevant international political challenges such as her presence in Cairo for the peace summit for the war in Palestine.
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